Charity donations from banks or credit cards etc

Any other charity donations from banks or credit cards etc? besides:
Ablebanking 1.7% and $ 25 to charity
I asked at for additional ways to earn $ for the charity of my choice. They replied: will donate twenty five dollars to a charity of your choice when you open an account.

"We give you $25 (of our money!) to give to any charity you choose. (Must be a 501(c)3)

When your friends open an account, we’ll give an additional $25 to any 501©(3) charity you choose. The more friends , the more good you can do."

My charity choice is Friends of the Shelter,
EIN 810509474. I love this 501©(3) group because they provide financial help for pet care without an in depth interrogation. All they want is to help the animals.

We help pet owners with the cost of spaying and neutering their animals in order to help curb animal over-population.
We help pet owners with other unexpected medical costs of illness or injury to their pets.
We help shelter pets with medications, surgeries, treatments and lab test that would not be covered by the shelter’s general budget.
We help potential adopters take home animals from the shelter by providing assistance with costs associated with adoption, health care, etc.

If anyone opens an account & uses my name on the form (reply here & I will send you my name), Friends of the Shelter will get $25.

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So which one do you work for: ablebanking or the Friends of the Shelter?

I honestly respect their efforts

There are many other banks that offer a lot more than $25 and you can do whatever you want with that money.

Ablebanking is not a good bank, so there is not much of a reason to otherwise have an account there.


Right - money is fungible.

Paypal ran this year a promotion (Seize the Seasons)where they processed donations free, and added 1% (which offer expired Dec. 31, 2018). A link for the 2017 offer is Donate with PayPal Giving Fund (goes to my favorite charity) which I found to work this year (2018) also.The charity reported a E-mail notified them of the donations. A 2017 link is Donate with PayPal Giving Fund. The link appears to still function, although there is no mention of the extra 1% (and I have not used it for 2019).

If you make substantial donations, this can be a useful technique.

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Does anyone know if using this service will affect employer matching programs?

Ask. Legally your donation is to the Paypal Giving Fund, which passes it on to your charity of choice. If your employer has a list, see who is on it. If they match all 503(b) ones you are probably covered.

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Does the receipt have an EIN on it? Is it the EIN of the ultimate charity or the PayPal fund? If the latter, does the charity know who the donation came from in order to issue their own acknowledgement letter/receipt?

Amazon Smile program, but not a bank or cc.