Chase App Offers ~10% cash back at major merchants

Download the Chase mobile app (this is different from Chase Pay). Login and select one of your cards. Scroll down and you’ll see a section of cash back offers. The offers are different for each card,

Some examples:
10-30% Back at Panera (up to $2 back)
10% Back at Walgreens (up to $5 back)
10% Back at Staples, Max $6
30% Back At Dick’s Sporting Goods (Up To $34 Back)
10% Back at Office Depot/Max (up to $10 Discount)
10% Back At Lowe’s (up to $12 back)
10-30% Back At PetSmart ($20 Maximum)


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Does it show exclusions? Any idea if it works with buying gift cards maybe?

Some of the offers explicitly exclude gift cards and some don’t. Today, I made a test purchase of a gift card at a merchant where they are supposed to be excluded. The charge hasn’t posted to my card yet, so I don’t have anything to report at the moment.


Update: I just got 10% back on a GC purchase at Walgreens despite the terms specifically excluding GCs.

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First impression of Chase Offers is a bit underwhelming. The offers are okay, though I suspect most of them are subsidized by Chase to build a base of interested customers (hence small limits at popular merchants). A Starbucks reload was credited quickly.

Another purchase, a hotel stay, did not get credit. I messaged Chase expecting the issue to be quickly rectified, particularly since it was on a premium card (CSR). It took far too many messages for it to be resolved. First they told me that I did indeed earn UR points for the transaction (great, but not what I asked), then they told me I didn’t qualify because I didn’t use Chase Pay (not a requirement for the offer), then they asked me to send them the T&C of the offer because they can’t access them. I sent them a screenshot of the “expired offers” page. It took 10 days and a follow-up request, but finally I got the " You’ve successfully redeemed one of your Chase Offers" email.

Contrast to Amex, which once credited an offer when I inquired even after it was clear that I had misunderstood and not actually met the requirement. Hopefully it’ll get better as the Chase reps learn.

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