Chase Sapphire bank account $1,000 bonus

Chase Sapphire bank account $1,000 bonus

I received a mailer for this offer:

Has anyone tried this? If so, if I put the $75,000 in an ultra-short bond fund will it qualify for fee waiver?


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You may find this helpful. Good luck.

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Did it last year, put it in a Vanguard fund via Chase. Qualified for fee waiver.

REMEMBER - they will 1099 you for any bonus you get (cash or ultimate rewards points);


I started this about a month ago. Money is sitting in Vanguard Prime.

I started on this about a month ago too by opening a YouInvest account and transferring some stock shares over from a different brokerage. Also, I saw something about a $2k award for signing up for CPC and transferring in more than $250k. I guess this $2k award could be step 2 of this deal :slight_smile:

Just a thought…
you may want to start this deal sequence by running down the balance on your checking account, then signing up for this offer.
You don’t want to get stuck in the situation where you transfer in exactly $75k, but then your checking account balance falls by some amount and makes your net deposits less than $75k.

I’m Chase Private client and military got a lot of fee waivers and the arts and culture card

Does Sapphire also get some sort of arts and culture card?

I’m thinking about jumping in on this. Where do you see Vanguard Prime Money Market is available? Looking through the available mutual funds from the investment choice in the menu of my online Chase account, I see Vanguard Federal MM but not Prime.

Also, do I have to open their brokerage account through an investment banker? It seems to say so in their T&Cs.

Under Trade->Mutual funds, I searched for VMMXX. I opened both Sapphire checking and You Invest accounts online.