Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Redemption - Hack or Screw-up?

I have a work trip coming up and wanted to bring my daughter along and book her ticket through the Chase UR portal. I thought it would be relatively simple to book her ticket, then call United and ask them to associate our itineraries to avoid the UM fee. I learned that the Chase portal and travel center will not allow you to book tickets for anyone under 18 traveling alone, whether considered a UM or not, in direct contradiction to their written policy (the supervisor said it was a recent change).

So, I booked the ticket anyway but with a birth year that would have made her over 18 and using her actual MileagePlus number. Then, I called United and asked them to fix it. But, the rep said that her correct birthdate was on the ticket, I presume because they used her MileagePlus profile instead of the information I gave when booking.

So… is this an ingenious hack for manipulating the terrible UR policies or is it going to come back to bite me when we get to the airport?


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It’s neither here nor there, but it looks like they updated the info on the portal since I spoke to them a few hours ago. It used to say “ does not book flights for unaccompanied minors under 15” and now it says “Chase Ultimate Rewards does not book flights for unaccompanied minors under age 18.”