Chase Southwest Credit Cards - 75k Point offers available / 90k total with 5k spend

" Earn 40,000 points after you spend $1,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.Plus, earn an additional 35,000 points after you spend $5,000 on purchases in the first 6 months from account opening."

This product is available to you if you do not have a current Southwest Rapid Rewards® Credit Card and have not received a new Cardmember bonus for this card in the past 24 months. This does not apply to Business Card and Employee Credit Card products."

Stacks with 10k referral point offer through refer-a-friend.

After spending the required $5k in 6 months, will receive a total of at least 75k+5k = 80k points, and the person who referred you will have also received 10k points. For a total of 90k SW RR points for $5k spend!

The Priority card has the lowest effective annual fee.
$149 Annual fee
7500 anniversary points (currently ~$110 value)
$75 annual Southwest credit
4 upgraded boardings per year (at the airport, A1-A15 if available)

Effective annual fee: $149-$110-75 = - $36
Or if you figure SW credit hassle at ~90% value, it still has a net negative fee of $17, plus you get the 4 upgraded boardings.

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Unfortunately I’m nowhere near under 5/24 or I’d be all over a lot of Chase branded cards, SW Cards and their companion pass at the top of my list. Ahh, the good old days prior to 5/24…

Thanks. I might actually qualify under 5/24 pretty soon.

What is the best way to take advantage of the 10K referral? I am normally not a travel card reward lover however 75k is enticing.

Someone who has a Chase southwest card (any personal card variant) can generate a referral link at Refer a Friend | Earn Credit Card Rewards |

The referral goes to the person referring you. Unless maybe you have a close relative and refer each other at different times for different cards and have an agreement.

Actually, not sure if I have a source of a referral to use for myself :/.

Update: On the Southwest Airlines site, it states the 75k offers end on 2/10/2020.

When I tried using a refer-a-friend link for this promotion, it only includes the “40,000 points after you spend $1,000” portion of the promotion, it doesn’t show the additional 35k points. If I go directly to apply, it shows both portions.

Noticed same, however instead use the direct link instead of email option. In that link it WAS calling out the 40+35 terms.

But looks like it’s not anymore now… i shouldn’t have waited so long.

Edit: old link i had from last week where i was referred still has 40k+35. Maybe generating new referral links don’t work because it’s so close to the cutoff date. It gave 3 weeks (link from 29th, offer expires on the18th for me). Just my speculation though.

Looks like the public 75k pt offer is gone now.
I do have a referral link (not mine) with 75k offer (for all 5 Southwest variants) that’s good through Feb 18th.

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I finally got around to applying for this myself… i guess the ~3 weeks since cancelling my old southwest card was sufficient for not being a “current Southwest Cardholder” :). Got the instant approval.

Congrats! SW is my favorite airline, especially using points for plans that may be subject to change. If flights go cheaper you can cancel and rebook or cancel or change flights with a full points refund and no cancellation penalty if 24 hrs before the flight.

Paying outright is still decent but you only get a credit that must be used within a year. I hate it when I have to cancel a Delta flight in contrast and pay a hefty fee to do so.