Cheapest easiest way to turn $9K cash into a bank check out of town?

Most credit unions do have a reciprocal deposit relationship.


The Western Union transfer fees would be pretty steep.


Postal Money orders are $1.75 for $1000 including mailing, and can be replaced for $6.25 if lost or stolen. Seems like a relatively low-cost, low-risk course of action.


You say you have ‘a place in Florida’ so would it be out of the question to open a no-fee account at whatever local bank/CU there that offers that ? That would seem to be the easiest and least sketchy.

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This might be the best idea. There is a branch nearby in a nice area. Plan to fly back and holding a one inch thick wad of cash through security would have me concerned. You hear about tsa seizing cash all the time.

Documentation is your friend here. Carry a copy of the sales contract or of the signed-over title. There really is not much to worry about here.

It’s not all or nothing either. Buy money orders or bank cashiers checks until you’ve got it down to an amount of cash you’re comfortable with.

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While on the subject of getting through security, any problem carrying a lithium ion battery jump starter?

There are size limits, but it’s big. Something like up to 100 Watt hours. None allowed in checked baggage. Check your airline site. If yours is anything like mine, it’s not much bigger than a large phone power bank in capacity. Mine is 10k mAH or 10 AH.

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Don’t pay for your ticket with cash at the counter, and although documentation is your friend, it may not be your best friend. Remember that with seizures, you have to prove yourself innocent more than being proved guilty. Even with the correct docs, the hassle of pulling your money from greedy, powerful hands can be a nightmare at worst, and a few hours of pain, at the least.

ETA: I am not a lawyer, doctor, or Indian Chief … nor did I stay at a HIE last night.

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I don’t know about Greyhounds now days. When I was a kid my sister & I used to take that bus to visit our Dad. They were pretty raunchy then & I’m sure not any safer today. Then the driver’s would seat us in the front seats which offered 2 young girls protection.

You got a lot of good ideas from our crowd here. What to do with $1000’s crisp bills when traveling??

Did sell the other car and I’m flying back. $43 on Frontier but it goes to Philly. Will have to take the dog back to DC from there.

That’s a good way to distract from the $9k cash in your pocket… :wink:


On that, the money goes in your bag through the x-ray, not on your person. They’re much less likely to notice that way.

Put the money in something other than the carry-on suitcase that has the lithium charger. Ie- purse, computer bag, backpack, etc.

No way I’m leaving $9k in a bag out of sight on the belt where an agent can go through it while I’m not looking. I usually hold it in my hand as i go through that machine where you put your hands above your head.

Why not just open a Bank of America checking account, deposit the money, close it when you get home? There are branches on just about every street corner.

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You should be able to opt-out of the naked x-ray and go for the pat down. This allows you to keep an eye on your stuff the whole time. You may have to wait a while for a pat-down agent and insist to any others that you’re not going through without your things and not letting your things go through without you.

I wouldn’t be flying out of Florida with wads of cash no matter what. It just screams drug money.

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Do you waive your hands with the wads of cash? :slight_smile:


Postal money order(s) mailed is the way to go.

Thanks to the person that suggested AMSCOT. Numbered all the bills sequentially and went there with $5K and got 5 checks and will do the rest later. Cost zero. Not sure what they get out of it except some float. Took a picture beforehand of the money on the bed. And no, I didn’t roll around in it.


I’m unfamiliar with the purpose of putting them in sequential order … or is it just an OCD thing.

Unless you actually numbered them, and then I can sort of see it - you would know in what order they would dry. :smile: