Cheapest easiest way to turn $9K cash into a bank check out of town?

Sold a car and delivered it 1,000 miles from home and got paid cash. It was not far from a place I have in Florida so I’m staying here a week. My concern is traveling home with that much cash. I’ll either drive back a car I keep down here, or if I sell THAT car, maybe take Greyhound back. Not crazy about having that much cash in my pocket on the bus or while driving if the car breaks down. Can I go into any back here with that cash and buy a check? Even if I’m not a customer? No branches of my bank anywhere here. Any other ideas that won’t cost more than $10 or $20 in fees? My B&M bank is Capital One. Also have accounts at Alliant CU. Could any other CU process a deposit into my Alliant account?

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Nine $1000 MOs from Walmart should be < $10, though anywhere you do this much is gonna probably trigger some scrutiny and a CTR. It’s not much safer to travel with MOs or a cashier’s check than with cash, but it is easier to stuff into your underwear. :upside_down_face:

$9K cash… in Florida… I hope you made sure they’re not fake!

You could also try ATM deposit. Looks like AllPoint ATMs (found everywhere) are free for withdrawals, maybe they’re also free for deposit. I can’t tell from CapOne website. Not sure about Alliant question, but it looks like there are lots of deposit-taking ATMs in Florida, many appear to be at other credit unions. Use Alliant website to find one near you.

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I think ATM deposit might be your best bet. Store ATMs probably have smaller dollar- and number-of-bills limits (like 40), so I’d go to a bank/CU. There may also be bank-imposed transaction limits, but it looks like CapOne should take $5K (per transaction, but daily limit is $1M). You might have to deposit your $9K over 2-3 transactions, assuming all Benjamins.

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Call Alliant and ask about co-op branches. I think there are some limitations but you might be able to deposit the cash at another CU. I have done this with another CU and vaguely recall Alliant may have some limitations on what they do regarding co-op. Good luck!


What part of FL? C1 branches all over Louisiana if you don’t mind a bit of a drive.

I’m not stuffing $9,000 into a machine. I need a human for that. Too many technical errors or glitches possible.


The lady with an Asian accent didn’t know what I was talking about. Will have to try again during banking hours,

Similar question for selling my 11 Sonata in AZ . But it’s local and only about 5.5K so I’ll stick to going to a local bank and doing the notary title transfer there too.

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A few years ago, I remember reading that Alliant doesn’t participate in shared branching. You could always open up a new bank account at a credit union or bank down there, deposit the cash and then ACH transfer it once you get back home. Of course then you have an account, you need to close out at some point. Maybe find a bank or credit union offering a bonus for opening an account to make it worth your while.


I’d second the Walmart money order option. If you’re concern is mostly about traveling with that much cash and you will be staying there a week, you can buy a bit at a time and avoid the scrutiny of dropping 90 $100 bills on the counter at one time (and any scrutiny is just a potential hassle). Total cost will be under $10 (and you can get them at nearly any convenience store too, doesnt have to be Walmart).

Check your banking terms, you may be able to mobile deposit the moneyorders into your account, too - some banks prohibit moneyorders, others do not. Some people will advise against it, but you can mail the money orders to yourself at home so you arent carrying them on you.

UPS them with insurance even. Will cost a bit though.

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Personally, I would use an ATM deposit. But if you aren’t willing to do that, you should just open an account at some local bank/credit union that offers accounts with no minimum balance requirements. Transfer the money to yourself after it clears and leave the account with a zero balance. They will just close it eventually.

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Wire the cash to your checking account from a western union.

In FL you should be able to find an AMSCOT and get a free money order Free Money Orders. I think there is a limit to the amount you can get on a single money order but you can just get multiple ones since they are free. I’ve had to do this to convert cash into a check that I could mobile deposit.

edit: I wouldn’t personally be uncomfortable traveling with 9k in cash but, if I were, I would probably be uncomfortable walking into an AMSCOT with 9K in cash. They are usually not in the best part of town.


Counterpoint just carry the cash home and deal with it there. It’s anecdotal, but I’ve done it hundreds of times over the years without incident, and sometimes 5x that.