Christmas Gifts

Hello everyone

Can anyone suggest some good christmas gift ideas which are customizabke with company logo…our boss wants go give gifts this time and has assigned me the task of finding some and dont know whay to do…not much help in google either… Please help… Looking for about 30 gifts upto 100 each.

Thank you n merry :christmas_tree:

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Customized gifts in 2 weeks? Not waiting until the last minute or anything, are you?

I assume you mean a total quantity of 30, and not 30 different options? I doubt you’ll get much for ideas beyond the rather standard logo’ed sweatshirts, blankets, coffee mugs, etc, as you’ve given zero indication of the context. And you’ll have a hard time getting any of that stuff by Christmas anyways.

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Lol… Understand last minute… But my boss was drunk last night and he wanted to do something…so looking for 30 of the same with some engraving… If nothing works out ill probably swing by a liquor store and get 30 bottles of bourborn…just want to see if theres something else out there…

I have ordered a couple of things from Not sure on what you are looking for exactly… Timing may be different due to holidays. In my experience, you can get your customized thing in 5-7 days.

Good luck!

I’ve had about a week turnaround when I ordered from

Gifts that my team has liked:
Swell water bottles
Laptop messenger bags
Laptop backpacks

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You could rebrand the bourbon with custom labels made up using your company logo or an inside joke from your office.

Sounds like just what your boss needs, particularly before you hit him up for a raise. :sunny:

ETA: Another wildly popular option would be small, rectangular sheets of green paper with Benjamin Franklin’s image on one side.

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