Citi Price Rewind service update on 10/18

There’s a “Can you?” and a “should you”. I could have sworn the terms used to call out that it was in excess of store’s policies, like the return protection does. However, I can’t find that actually stated anywhere on the pricerewind website OR in the card’s full terms brochure. Strange.

One of the questions I had in the OP was about submitting rewinds before the 60 days was up. I had the opportunity to test this out a couple weeks ago when I needed car stereo installation harness. It was $6 and change from Amazon but I didn’t want to wait until it showed up so I bought it at Best Buy for $17.

I submitted rewind the same day I bought it and the screenshot of the lower price from Amazon immediately after via the website. It went into processing for several days and they eventually sent me an email asking for a copy of the receipt and a copy of my credit card statement. The receipt request was odd because it was already attached to the rewind and the statement hadn’t closed so nothing to submit there except a screenshot of the charge from the Citi account management page. Re-submitted the receipt and the screenshot and a few days later I got the approval email and credit to my statement.

The catch is that submitting the lower price early did stop the price search on the website and completely close out the rewind. It’s marked as Request Approved and says “Search ended on Jan 31, 2018” and the little chart tracking prices stopped adding tick marks a week ago. This was a case where squeezing every last penny out of a price drop wasn’t necessary but if you’re looking to maximize your rewind, hold onto your lowest price info until the 60 days are up.

I was also able to submit online the lower price for a smart watch that went on sale on Black Friday for $100 less than I paid for it back in September (timed the purchase so day 60 would have been Cyber Monday just in case). The request was approved and paid without any additional info requests.


Weird. I’ve never received a request for additional documentation yet. I do make sure the last 4 digits of the credit card are on the receipt. Or, in the case of PayPal,etc, I attach both the receipt (that has no payment card info on it) and the PayPal transaction page. I don’t think I’ve ever attached the credit card statement.

Did your receipt have the credit card number shown on it? Or maybe they just didn’t see it… I haven’t submitted very many physical receipts.

Based on reports at FT and some other places, they seem to be requesting additional documentation on a regular basis, even when the documentation is already included with the original submission. Could be sinister, but may also be overworked agents or agents pressured to get responses out within a certain period of time (which would possibly result in them just looking for something that was legitimately missing, then shooting back a template response with everything that’s required).

Guess I’ve been lucky then and/or some of the “reports” are also User Error, or some combination of both things. Its easier now through the website without the signed/scanned form, but I wonder if it’s upped the number of overall submissions. It wasn’t that hard to duplicate that form and submit everything email before.

Yep - probably some are the old id-10-t errors, but people mentioning the problem are also the people that seem to use the service a lot (meaning they should know what’s required by now).

I lost several by doing other stuff and distractions and not managing :frowning: probably 10x$20 total or so…

Anyways I finally got my first request in for 2018. Citi sold my card to Amex so I couldn’t submit the request through website, only through the phone. Easy over phone to open request. Submitted documents. For the first time, got an email 1 day later asking for CC statement (which I had already submitted). Resubmitted CC statement. $70 request approved.

Rumored changes (devaluation) in benefits coming in August. Lower per-item ($500->$200) and yearly ($2500->$1000) limits, and additional exclusion categories (consumables, tires, watches, firearms, ammunition or lower prices offered through a warehouse club where the merchant requires customers to pay a membership fee). Apparently these changes were temporarily posted on the CitiPriceRewind website (although they are not shown there anymore that I can find).