Citi Price Rewind service update on 10/18

Just got this email from Citi regarding their Price Rewind system:

Please be advised that beginning October 18th, 2017, new Citi Price Rewind benefit requests must be submitted via, or by mail or phone at the mailing address/ phone number listed below. We will no longer process new Citi Price Rewind requests received via email or fax after this date.

Also starting October 18th, 2017, you’ll be able to submit Citi Price Rewind benefit requests on lower prices you find on your own through

Sounds like both a positive and negative to me. I had used the email submission (and fax before they allowed emails) quite a bit for deals I found myself and they were very quick to respond to those. On the other hand, being able to submit them directly through the website is something I feel they should have had from the start and I hope they have provisions for submitting additional lower prices before 60 days are up so I can peg the lowest one. Their own product database and price crawler is awful and it doesn’t seem like that is changing but submissions are getting easier at least.


I have also been getting claims paid out much quicker these days. It used to take a few weeks and its been taking 3-4 days to process.

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Also saw this in email… The real question is if they’ll change any terms at the same time – Meaning should one get all the submissions in before the changeover just in case?

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Good question. I waited until exactly 60 days before Cyber Monday to buy a smart watch so I could potentially cash in on those deals. The triple camel already spotted a ~10% drop that I documented but was planning to hold in case a better deal comes along.


It’s 10/18. It still has the form with reference to email in on the website. I don’t see somewhere to submit prices yourself yet.

Edit:the link for online submission is there today, 10/19.

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This is a benefit that I don’t use. I’ve seen it around plenty but I haven’t really thought too much about it.

I typically use AmEx for these types of purchases for the extended warranty, return protection, purchase protection. Is this better?

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Haven’t used the price protection at amex myself for comparison.
The terms for the warranty extension are much better at Citi. Citi is +2yrs up to 7yrs total, runs after manufacturer AND any 3rd party warranty (squaretrade, etc). Only requirement is that manufacturer has a warranty, conceivably even a 1 day manufacturer’s warranty and you get the 2 years extension. *I have not used any warranty claims myself with any issuer, though

AmEx doesn’t have price protection anymore. I meant is the package of Citi benefits better than the package of AmEx benefits these days.

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Citi’s new system for filing a price rewind request online (if you found your own lower price for the item) seems to be up and running. It is at

Here is how I found it

I clicked on “How It Works” (near the top)

This took me to a page that says:
“If you don’t see your exact item in the database or if you find a lower published price on your own (within 60 days of purchase date), you may submit your Citi Price Rewind benefit request online, via mail, or call 1-866-918-4670.”

When I clicked on the submit link, it took me to

@Bend3r It looks like I was 2 days slower than you were in finding it.

Nothing so convoluted needed. It also has a link on the page when you have automatic tracking already active for an item, or can’t find an item using the search function. See right under the “request now” button on the image. I’ll test out the new system in a couple weeks. (Almost to 60 days in some purchases).


Link removed because I was wrong. Sorry folks! :disappointed:

Wrong yourself. That’s purchase protection for accidental damage / theft.

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Right you are. My apologies.

Will Citi honor multiple price rewind requests for the same purchase? E.G., Right now submit a price rewind request to get the 10% off and then submit again if the price drops even further?

I just tried to submit an online rewind request for an item purchased over three months ago. Their online submission page won’t accept a purchase date older than 60 days, even though the cardholder has up to 180 days after the purchase to submit a rewind request (but only 60 to find the lower price). So I called their toll-free number, and asked what other submission options do I have. Their rep said that for requests more than 60 days past the purchase date, that I could mail in the rewind request (printing the online form) or I could call in my rewind request. So I gave their rep the information about the item purchased and the lower-price ad that I found, and they sent me an email with a claim number and their request that I email back attachments of the receipt and lower-price ad.

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Got my first “new” requests in. Submitted 4 manual requests through the site on 10/8.

On the morning of 10/10, I received 4 emails. The two ~$10 requests were approved. The two ~$66 requests were moved to “processing”, and still remain there. Edit: the two $66 claims approved now, a few hours after my post. So, 5 days total. Not bad.

The $10 requests were each matching overseas third party sellers on BarnesAndNoble.
One of the $66 requests was to match a really shady Shopify website…

Two big requests will be in a few more weeks. Few $100 and “free giftcards” involved in original purchase and used and another free one on the second purchase.

It’s good the requests still seem speedy! (<2 days small, 5 days for larger, where I assume they more thoroughly verify)

YTD Rewinds: Completed - $758.68, Not submitted yet/waiting for near 60 days - $300


AMEX is no longer the gold standard. As much as I like AMEX, in my experience, Citi has surpassed them in terms of offering and delivering on these extra benefits. AMEX is good enough so I wouldn’t necessarily switch if you have a system and just want benefits that are provided on both cards, but if deciding for the first time, I trust Citi to fulfill the same benefit better than AMEX.


I need to find a way to more easily track/look for prices during the 60 day period than manually going to google products and Amazon (third parties) and maybe email me or notify if there’s a new lower price that pops up.
I’ve also use B&N third party, Sears third party, etc, but those all linked directly from google products. For some reason amazon third party did not, I had to go there directly (and was worth $100+).

Anyone have ideas? Waiting on my last claim for this year, just submitted.

Finished all my claims for the year, no issues. Approx $1060.

The last one took about 2 weeks from website manual submission to final approval. It worked out pretty well, will lay these two of my best price rewinds this year:

Purchased: 1. for $450 including $200 Newegg promotional gift certificate, from Newegg third party
2. for $550 including $300 Newegg promotional gift certificate, from Newegg third party. Used existing $200 from 1 to purchase.

Price rewind 1. $110, was $340 on Amazon 3rd party
Price rewind 2. $179.01, was $370.99 on Amazon 3rd party

I had needed the item, and that’s why I purchased 1. I purchased 2 also for personal use because I wanted to upgrade (it wasn’t on sale initially). But on reconsideration either one would work. I listed them both and ended up selling 2 for $325 on craigslist. Of note is that the program excludes items intended for resale. I did not violate even the spirit of this term as I didn’t intend to sell the receiver when I bought or price-matched it… The terms also base on only the price of the item itself on the purchase and “free with purchase” is only excluded on sales advertisement you are “matching to”.

Net cost for 1 (which I kept): $450+$350-$325-$110-$179.01 = $185.99 cash cost, but I also have an unused $300 Newegg credit.

Can you double dip with something like Walmart’s price matcher?