Climate Change - Concealment of the actual threat

The “hair on fire” liberal climate change screamers have been carrying on and waving their model outcomes wildly for years. But things might be much worse than faulty models. Their antics could be providing cover for an actual climate threat, one which came to pass rather recently and was devastating.

We currently have the Tonga eruption. There was also the event in Iceland and, of course, Mt. St. Helens. All these are recent, and all are very small, offering only local/regional threat. But one is well advised to look deeper and search for something that really happened and could again at any time:

200 years ago: A volcano that blocked out the sun

This happened only 200 years ago but it might as well have been prehistoric for all the attention it receives, despite the possibly warning eruptions happening constantly.

Genuine climate change threat might not come from warming

Massive crop failures all across the world. People starving. Plants and trees dying. This is not the stuff of mere models. This actually happened and could once again at any time unpredictably. If you look even further back in time there are multiple examples of this sort of thing.

So if you are a climate change worrier, add this to your list of concerns. Compared with the sun being obscured for years, a little global warming might be welcome.

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Despite the data from Krakatoa, Mt. St. Helens, Tonga, Vesuvius, etc. The UN has apparently hired Algore. Who else would be so stupid as to put a date within a lifetime (even mine) on such a s̶i̶l̶l̶y̶ prediction?

Do they promise to not threaten us again after three years? I mean, it’s a done deal, right?


Ahhhhh! Another pronouncement from the high priests of the Climate Change Church.

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Surely you are old enough to remember the headlines in the 1970s, proclaiming we were on the verge of freezing to death?

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I’ve always been far more concerned with the yet-unknown consequences of removing so much pressure from inside the earth’s core. (yes, I know we dont extract oil/gas from earth’s literal core, I merely mean from deep under the surface.)

The Yellowstone volcano that is overdue for an eruption might take the climatistas’ off carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. but then again probably not. Those that survive will claim the damage was made worse by climate change.

large eruptions that took place 2.1 million, 1.3 million, and 640,000 years ago.


Absolutely!! That, of course, was “old church”. When their “freeze to death” message failed to resonate with the parishioners, the global climate change high priests decided to switch over to their new “you’re gonna burn” folly.

They do appear to be attracting more church members with this latest gambit. Maybe it is because today’s young are more easily indoctrinated, and more willing to surrender their freedoms, than were their elders.

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Yes, and they were just as certain then as the warmers are today.

That just leaves more room for lava, so that Yellowstone won’t explode too soon. :smile:


See above one victim of climate change activism. In this instance, the deaths are both symbolic and literal.

“Wind power” is license mercilessly to slaughter birds of all kinds and sorts, from majestic raptors to tiny beautiful songbirds. Such annihilations would otherwise garner near unanimous condemnation. But when performed as climate change church rituals, such butchery attracts instead virtually unbounded liberal approbation.

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I was thinking more of things like earthquakes, as the reduced pressure makes our plates and fault lines less stable. But even though you joke, but is it not a reasonable hypothesis as to why Yellowstone is supposedly “overdue”? Oil isnt killing us quicker, it’s delaying the otherwise inevitable. Gotta pump more to keep making more room.

I still fail to understand how they can so quickly dismiss the notion of adverse consequences from slight alterations in wind patterns. Removing some energy from the natural environment has to have some level of cascading, and compounding, effects, the whole “butterfly effect” and all…

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