Coinbase - Bitcoin payment privacy?

Is it time for another bitcoin topic?

I bought tiny bit of bitcoin a while back. $50 or something like that, just to play around and see how the system works. I also did it the lazy way, by using Coinbase. Apparently I made some small payment to someone but I don’t even recall exactly who? Years pass and I haven’t checked on it until this week.

So I logged in and found that I can no longer send or receive unless I enter all my personal information, including a picture of my ID. Whisky Tango Foxtrot!

While I know it’s never 100% private to begin with due to the blockchain. What’s the PRACTICAL consideration that my transaction can be easily traced?

Let’s say I paid “Teriyaki on Main” $5.95. How easy is it for someone who got access to the vendor’s information to trace that to my Coinbase account?

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