Colgate toothpaste - a "Total scam"

This is a heads up on chance there might be other Colgate Total toothpaste users out there.

Be on notice Colgate is making changes. To wit:

*the formula is changing or has already changed

*the amount of toothpaste/tube is being reduced again. Old size was 5.8oz… This has now been downsized to 5.1oz!!

Lower price? Of course not. It’s a “Total scam”, designed to snare the unwary.

Q: So Shin, “what’s a mother to do”?

What I have done is to schnarf up, to the extent possible, existing stock on store shelves. Likely have a year’s supply of toothpaste socked away at this point. After that? See me in a year.:wink:

So are other brands of toothpaste pulling these same stunts?

I dunno, but it surely would not be a surprise. Keep a weather eye.

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Companies reducing the amount of product, while keeping the price the same, is nothing new. I’d hardly call it a scam. Undesirable, sure.

I find that drama can enter one’s life, unwanted and unbidden, quite often enough, without fabricating it. :roll_eyes:


The can of Barbasol at the Dollar Tree has gotten consistently smaller over the years. Last time I needed to buy some, they had the old 6 oz can on the shelf next to the new 5 oz can. After thinking about it for 5 seconds, I bought one 6 oz can rather than stock up. I value my bathroom drawer space at more than four cents per ounce of shaving cream.

Depending on what type of toothpaste you get (assuming $4), you are valuing your drawer space as less than saving 9 cents per ounce of toothpaste.

side note: I’ve never heard the word “schnarf” before. According to Urban Dictionary, it means to spray one’s drink out of one’s nose as the result of sudden laughter


Agreed. Companies like Colgate, though, are buoyed by the too easy acceptance of their shenanigans and deplorable conduct by people like you. Your resignation is to the point you prefer to vent scorn on their critics instead of the perpetrators themselves.

And mind you, I’m not discounting the possibility you could be a shareholder benefitting from such misbehavior. I am NOT!

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Anyone who holds a mutual fund with American stocks likely holds some Colgate-Palmolive.

Agreed. No dispute. And I reiterate in light of your valid post that I am NOT a shareholder.

+100 points if you have a spreadsheet for that


You’re attributing much to me that simply isn’t true. I prefer to spend most of my time on matters that I can actually do something about. You, on the other hand, frequently appear to create drama out of mere nothings.

Google “drama queen” - “a person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way.” Google “melodramatic” - “characteristic of melodrama, especially in being exaggerated, sensationalized, or overemotional.”

And I find a glaring disconnect between the large sums of money you claim you’re making with your special brand of MS that you refuse to disclose any hints about, and this irrational need to stock up on a year’s worth of toothpaste because of point 7 ounces less.

Disclaimer: I don’t practice MS, but have no quarrel with those who do. I’m primarily a fixed income investor. I have a portfolio of mainly individual bonds. Lately I’ve branched out into fixed income ETFs - mainly corporate bonds, preferred stocks, and high dividend stocks. I have no idea if I own Colgate at the moment and don’t really feel like looking into it right now. I doesn’t matter to me if I do or don’t. Also, I switched from Colgate toothpaste years ago. I used to like the taste, but it changed, so I have no doubt that formulas change from time to time.

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Is it deplorable or are we just assuming ill intent? Seems just as likely to be their customers’ preference. With something like Colgate toothpaste, I can guarantee they have run multiple surveys and focus groups to determine whether their customers would rather the nominal price stay the same and the quantity decrease or the price increase and keep the same quantity. Even 2% a year inflation adds up over several years.

You still have an option of buying larger unit sizes. Toothpaste seems to last forever, dunno when I last bought some. Checked and the tubes of Colgate I have are 8.0 oz. And it was either a 3 or 4-pack from Costco.


Better buy up all of the 5.8oz tubes where ever you can find them then. Anyone remember when Dreyer’s ice cream used to be a half gallon? :man_shrugging:


If I remember later, I will measure my top drawer and then measure the size of a toothpaste tube box and get back to you.

We need pics, too! :grin:

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Blue Bell is still a half gallon. Consequently, in the store it usually costs ~$7 for a half gallon of Blue Bell or under $4 for a 3-pint of Dreyer’s. Not that relevant where I am as HEB gives Dreyer’s no shelf space (they’re ruthless on pushing their high quality store brands, so Dryer’s only gets the IP branded batman/superman/etc and that’s all.), but HEB’s own brands and other brands are also all around 3 pints.

But at walmart and other stores, the prices are similar for Dryer’s vs Blue Bell.

Around here, tillamook is till 1/2 gallon but they also tend to charge more so it’s all a wash.

This. From the toothpaste I take from hotel rooms to the ones I get on airplanes and in lounges, I haven’t bought toothpaste in a really long time.


I don’t think its that uncommon for people to be cheapskates all their lives yet end up relatively wealthy but still continue to be cheapskates. When someone is a real cheapskate for several decades it can be a natural result for them to pile up a lot of the money that would otherwise be spent. Then by the time 4-5 decades of that has gone by they’re net worth is looking good but being a cheapskate is so ingrained they don’t change the behaviors.

I’m related to one such octogenarian miser.


Excellent post, jerosen. You have great understanding and are blessed with wonderful insight into human nature.

It’s called inflation. It happens everywhere. Either people bitch about the higher price, or they bitch about the smaller size - it’s costing you the same price to brush your teeth either way.