Complimentary NFL+ Subscription (with NFL Extra Points CC)

For you football fans…

Got a mailer recently for this but found it online. If you had the old NFL extra points card that just switched to comenity (barf), you have this benefit. It looks new card holders can get it also.

Details here:

Limited Time Only: Complimentary NFL+ Subscription⁷
Valid for accounts opened by 10/31/2022


Valid one time only. Account must not be in default. Offer will be received within 3 weeks from opening account. Must have valid email address and U.S. mailing address.

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But how do you use this benefit? There’s no signup instructions at that link, or when signed into my account.

Edit: I found an old email I’d received in early August with a link and promo code to use.

You do need to enter payment info, as it’ll auto-renew after the year is up. I used an old Bluebird card with a zero balance,

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anyone have a spare code they’re not using?

Might do this if it works. Son is big steelers fan but not paying $70/mo to NFL money machine

I pretty sure that just points you to one of the slew of pirated NFL streaming sites. Arguably legal to watch, but not legal for those providing the streams.

NFL Sunday Ticket U is $96 if you use code TEAMHUDDLE2022. You’ll need the name, university and birthday of a currenly enrolled student.

Gets you all non locally televised sunday day games, plus red zone (siciliano), and fantasy zone.

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seems like he points out VPN into Canada or local streaming legal apps (Pittsuburg in my case)

That’s the thing - besides the Sunday Ticket, NFL+, the networks (CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, ESPN, and their Canadian equivalents), and now Amazon Prime for a handful of games, there are no “legal” streaming apps for NFL games.

correct. I would VPN into Pittsuburgh and use the above local city apps

Actually, you just need to have been an enrolled student sometime within the past 18 months, I got 3 seasons of student discounts out of one $50 exam… e.g. register for exam at a university in August 2020, this gives you a student ID that says it expires in August 2021 - since August 2021 is within 18 months of August 2022…I don’t need to buy another student ID until August 2023 (assuming the new rightsholder even has student discounts) - I had used the same student ID card for discounted Hulu and an NHL.TV discount before ESPN+ absorbed that.


Or just use a student’s name with your own credit card and email. It works. Don’t ask me how I know., :scream:

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A student email address has never been enough for me - they verify the student status every year.

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this guy says all NFL games. He’s my neighbor and a HS football coach :slight_smile: so I’ll check it out:

The key part of the FAQ:

However, some IPTV providers are 100% legal and some are illegal. It’s extremely difficult for us at StickStreams to determine whether an IPTV service holds the proper licensing to broadcast its channels. Since it’s almost impossible for us to determine whether an IPTV service is legal or not, The end-user is solely liable for any IPTV service or app used on their streaming devices .

When a “neighbor and highschool football coach” says something is “totally legit!”, he means that he’s seen it work. Not that it is legal, or reliable. Yes, it works. But tomorrow it may not as sites and services get shut down for pirating-related reasons.

That “turbo charged” firestick just loads pirated content sources onto an otherwise legit firestick. It offers nothing that you cant get online on your own through various websites. The apps they “side-load” are not legit apps, which is why Amazon wont include them in their app store.

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:slight_smile: I hear ya. I figured i could side load myself, but I like the “warranty”. He did say the service AF would be $49 and then I don’t have to hunt for streams sunday AM or get this OP card+ ALL Games

Right. What I meant is that you use a students name, birthday and school, and your own email address and credit card and it works.

Thanks @glitch99 for filling in key details!

I should have mentioned that the snail mail letter came with a code and details. Didn’t think of it.

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Agreed. Everyone has to determine their own morals, I suppose, but I wouldn’t mess with that stuff. Pay for what you want or find another solution. I stopped pirating in the napster music days (ok, maybe a few TV shows through newsgroups after too! :innocent: )


Well, yeah. If you know someone who is a student that you can utilize, you don’t have to pay for your own college class to become a student yourself.

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