Consumer Arbitration Case Database Update

Hey Guys,

I found you! I didn’t know FWF had survived! I’ll be back in action on here too =)))

We have major updates on the database:

  1. Q3 & Q4 have been added.
  2. You can now add comments to cases! In fact, we’re using Discourse too! The comments tie back into a forum and you can subscribe to notifications be @'d, etc. It’s really cool.
  3. So yeah, we added a forum too! We want it to be a place where people go to help and receive help with disputes. A lot of lawyers use LPF daily. Why not create a dispute resolution community?
  4. We’ve also added a blog! We see so many stories in the data and our research that nobody is telling. We needed a way to communicate and a blog seemed like the right fit - plus the comments also tie back into the forum =)
  5. Check out our inaugural blog post: Are secret arbitration waivers fair? It’s a doozy! More is coming soon.
  6. Finally, we added a Patreon page that automatically allows our financial supporters early access to data through a private forum. (We had to do something extra to say thanks.)

You can always help by spreading the word and sending the wronged in our direction!

We want to teach people how to leverage LPF to win.

What do you think?

It’s been a long journey since my original FWF arbitration post many moons ago.



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