$50 credit when you spend $250+ with Visa card on Visa Checkout Exp. 3/28/18 and Visa Checkout have a deal:
Spend $250 or more in one transaction using Visa Checkout and paying with a Visa card, and get $50 statement credit.

A lot of people are buying Costco cash cards (2x $125 or $200 + $50). Some people are buying the $200 iTunes gift card for $165, plus other stuff.

One per card and member. Can’t stack with Discover 5% warehouse club category Q1. Need to pay with a Visa card.


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In for some :popcorn: for when we all have to fight for the $50 credit after buying the cash cards :wink:

page says offer no longer available anyways.

I’d expect no fighting based on other visa checkout offers. Although I’ve mostly done chase specific ones… It’s not disallowed in the terms. Makes sense they basically see the charge from costco and that should satisfy it.

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Was the offer supposed to be visible on the checkout page? I did not see any mention of it. All I know is it was available before and after I checked out, but my only proof is a screenshot of the offer page… nothing on the checkout or order confirmation.

From SD, the offer is still advertised on the mobile page:

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How do you know if you qualified if the order checkout page doesn’t show this offer?

Well, you don’t know.

The dates are actually messed up. The graphic section says “Ends 3/28/18”, but the text section says “March 26, 2018 and March 30, 2018”. The text section originally said “March 26, 2018 and March 28, 2018” when I placed the order last night.

mobile now also says not available…

From SD: “Visa Checkout on Twitter officially confirmed that the promo ended at 4:45 PST on the 26th and anything placed after that time would not receive the credit.”

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That’s messed up, cause I placed my order after that time but the offer was still showing.

Received an email that cash cards are backordered a week … I wonder if that will affect the offer status ( not billed until shipped )

They’ll probably go by order date, not bill date.

Chase’s Chasepay Walmart offers went by bill date not order date. Have not done many visa checkout offers myself.

Seems like they’d have to use order date instead because it says it’s tied to the member and such a short offer prod.