Crazy ideas that might work (for saving or making money)

I’ll start.
Using credit card price protection on your homemade web site with cheap goods.

Selling Visa gift cards on eBay at roughly 20%-30% markup. (Look at recently sold)

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A new petroleum based ICO. Who am I kidding, it’ll work as well as his economic policies.

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You have a credit card that doesn’t exclude this?

For example:
“The following items are not eligible for Citi Price Rewind:
Food, beverages, fuel, or medications.”

Just checked with discover you’re right. Gives me another idea though. Make your own site with cheap prices on goods you want to price match.

That’s the definition of insurance fraud.

There’s some more rapid and efficient ways to do that.

It’s only fraud if you don’t actually honor the prices, you could still limit quantities.

I like the idea of this thread. I’ll throw one out there:

Ride a bike to work. Cancel your gym membership and save money on gas (which you apparently cannot price match).

I remember this episode

He sticks an alligator to guard the $1 TV’s


Perhaps this is already happening (or insurance companies think it’s happening). Recently, there have been comments in forums about Discover/Citi denying legit PP claims involving little-known merchants. A standard reason given was"unable to verify lower price with merchant."

Good one. It is definitely too expensive later in life to be overweight. Lifestyle diseases and all that.

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