Credit Card category when buying form Grocery Gas Station?

I figure the answer has been posted somewhere but my google-fu is lacking today.

Chase got gas-station as their quarterly 5% right now so I wonder if buying from the attached gas station of a grocery store would be counted as “gas station”? Does anyone know? Otherwise I’ll buy a bottle of Coke and see what happens and report back.

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Yeah, that is the only way to know for certain. Except, for safety, I would make a small gasoline purchase instead of a Coke. Then check the MCC and see how they coded that purchase. Or else, better, charge the small purchase to your Freedom card and see if you get the points you’re hoping for.

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Last I checked Kroger gas station counted as gasoline for 5x points from Chase Freedom. Anybody try Meijer lately?

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Using pay-at-the-pump may produce different results too.

I have traditionally received 5x points on my Chase Freedom during the gas quarters from Kroger gas stations when paying at the pump.


Pay at pump is safest obviously, but primarily because Visa/MC made a special MCC called automated gas dispenser - that always counts for the 5% bonus (unless Chase removes certain merchants, which they did not.)

Inside, is hit or miss. For some Kroger, the mini-mart is also gas station (especially when it uses a different POS than the grocery store). In fact, I think all of Kroger fuel is now owned by an outside company and is just a name licensee? Almost all Safeway mini-marts are coded as grocery store.

For many standalone stations (Speedway, 7-11, Racetrac), most insides are coded as gas stations. The ones I would worry most are those that have oil change or travel stop places.


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Every 7-11 I’ve been to codes as has if it is attached to a gas station.

Here’s my report:

Ok, pay at the pump at both Safeway and QFC are coded as Gas Station. Not a big surprise.

However, pay at the attached kiosk to the grocery gas station is more interesting:

Safeway - buying a bottle of Coke - Coded as Grocery

QFC (Kroger) - bottle of coke - Coded as Gas station.

I forgot to see if the gas kiosk sell grocery store GC but the QFC kiosk is really small so I doubt it.