Dallas TX questions

Hey gang, hoping some folks living or knowledgeable about Dallas/Fort Worth area can give me some advice.

We’re planning a family trip to Dallas in late October.

We’re hoping to get some nice family pictures at the Arboretum. (Link in case there is more than one but I don’t think so: https://www.dallasarboretum.org/)

Here goes the questions! Thanks in advance!!

  1. How is the weather usually in late October in Dallas?
  2. How does the Arboretum look at that time? Probably not as pretty as in Spring…
  3. What are the most picturesque spots to take great family photos at the Arboretum? Looking for a beautiful, unique nature scene.

Thanks again.

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My experience is 40 years old, but it was H-O-T … but it was a dry heat. :wink: With the advent of supposed global warming, it is probably too hot to risk standing outside for your photos. :rofl:

I can’t offer any specifics for the arboretum, but if you find it unworthy, there may be movie studio stages and a bunch of bronze horses and fountains in Los Colinas (a commercial/industrial suburb immediately west of Dallas). During the go-go 80’s you could easily wrangle your way onto all of the movie stages. The stages and horses made for decent to spectacular backgrounds.

Sorry that I can’t offer anything up-to-date … other than the #^%$ tram at DFW. It is still 2% above worthless.

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There are plenty of picturesque spots near or in the art museums of Ft.Worth and Dallas, if you strike out at the arboretum.


Thanks @Honkinggoose and @TravelerMSY !

If anyone else has tips for the area, I would appreciate it.

We are looking into a house to rent. Looking at VRBO and Vacasa at the moment. We may end up in Carrollton or Dallas near the bishop arts area.

The folks who man the contact form at the Arboretum have impressed me so far.

Well, here’s some more probably outdated/useless info (that’'s what you get for being gracious and thankful). All of the following is thru 40 year old, rose tinted glasses.

If the Mansion restaurant is still around, they’ve got the best wine list of any restaurant I’ve imbibed at, or eaten in, in the Western Hemisphere, including LA. They were pricey, and trying very hard to be pretentious, but amazing ('53 [the best champagne I’ll probably ever taste] and '59 Dom) wines that were actually printed on the wine list (probably no longer, so you’ll have to ask).

Regardless of where you want to go, where your satnav directs you, or some crazy mexican on the corner directs you, never, NEVER, EVER get on 75 on a weekday, unless you love parking. :laughing:

If you want lobster, and absolutely nothing else, go to the Palm. But positively do not eat anything else off of their menu.

For more moderate, or actually, less outrageous fare, the Atlantic Cafe on McKinney can fill the bill. Despite the nautical name, their apps, non-seafood entrees and desserts were excellent. Their steaks were great quality, cooked to perfection (even rare), and the waitroids were way beyond reproach.

Regardless of the name, (Atlantic Cafe, Cafe Pacific, etc.), do not order seafood in Dallas, or any city that far from the coast. When I was there, it tasted like cardboard, no matter the price, or claims of freshness (flown in daily/hourly/by the order). I had the pleasure/curse of living in New Orleans, which is the queen of fresh seafood and the king of complementary spices, so no other seafood on the planet is going to pass muster. BTW, New Orleans is also the king/queen of crime, so don’t bring money, nice accoutrements (unless you really don’t need that wrist / finger), or a car to the city.

Dallas is a beef/Tex-Mex city, and well deserved. You may find the original Chilli’s (where they probably still serve in frigging plastic baskets) off of Greenville Ave near a hospital, or the first On the Border restaurant near the south end of Highland Park. You may also find the not-so-original Tony Roma’s, that I thought was a “Dallas born restaurant”. I later learned that it was only “legitimatized” in Dallas. :laughing:

Regardless of where you want to go, where your satnav directs you, or some crazy mexican on the corner tells you, never, NEVER, EVER get on 75 on a weekday … unless you love parking. :laughing:

Again, all of this is antiquated. The last time that I was in the city, outside of DFW, was 1989.

Thanks for this! :slight_smile:

Definitely get some BBQ or a chicken fried steak.


Oh yeah! I never have an issue finding good food when I travel :slight_smile:

Now, I do agree with goose’s theory on seafood etc. I think @TravelerMSY will agree with me.

Don’t eat seafood, cajun food and the like outside of LA or at least not too far away! Jackson MS might be OK…

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For sure. I never eat Cajun Creole anything outside of Louisiana, except perhaps with the exception of Houston.