DEAD: 1 Oz. Gold Eagle Coins $5.99 above Spot Price – BELOW SPOT PRICE when you purchase with your cash-back credit card

The deal is dead!

ebay item number 232484710054

DEAD: 1 oz Gold American Eagle | Random Date US Mint Coin

Buy it with a 2% cash-back credit card and your cost is $20 or so below spot price -or- choose PayPal credit at checkout and get no interest and no payments for six months.

For perspective, you’ll most-frequently find 1 Oz. coins like this on eBay for around $100 over spot price. If you bought direct or through a large dealer that isn’t paying payment fees or eBay fees, you should be able to get them for $50 over spot price instead.

When you sell them, you should expect to sell them at spot price. If you’re offered less than $5 UNDER spot price, you’re not getting a fair offer. $5 or $10 ABOVE spot price is a very generous offer.


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Gold about to plummet ?

Or wait until Sunday and buy it with a 5% back cc :slight_smile:

Maybe… but I’ve seen these deals from time to time from various (large) dealers and there doesn’t seem to be any particular correlation with the market.

I have noticed that they’re virtually always on Friday and they carry over in to the weekend if the seller has sufficient quantity.

Markets should be closed tomorrow so maybe this is virtual-Friday.

Dead? The listing I see when I follow the link shows a price of $1,500.

Yup, dead.

When you’re logged in to your eBay account, you can click on the listing where it says “820 sold in 24 hours” and it’ll show you the price that people had recently paid.

Not one 1 oz US gold piece was sold for less than $1500 in the last week by this seller.

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Your link is a search for completed listings and yes, there are no completed listings for less than $1,500.

The link I posted is for a listing that’s still active and it won’t show up in your search results.

Try this link…

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