DEAD - 50 Ft Cat 6 Cable (Flat) $5 - Amazon - Prime Eligible

Great deal for a nice Cat 6 Ethernet Cable
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Great deal! Always useful to have extra ethernet cable!

+1. I have an old 25 ft Cat 5e that I use for long, temporary runs. It works, but it’s bulky. This is a nice upgrade.

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Fixing that right now. It’s caught me a couple times.

Does anyone have it? I didn’t see the specs and some the reviews imply the cable doesn’t support true cat6 bandwidth.

Good deal. I can’t make them for that.

Negative. But as long as it performs Cat 5e (1gbps) or better, that’s fine by me.

not sure how this is a good deal. ebay is selling at this price and lately there are lots of ebay promos for 5 off 25, 8% ebay bucks, 10% ebay bucks, etc…

laat week i picked up 5 cat6 for $25 - not the flat kind.

NOTE: the flat kinds are not pair twisted, so its less effective over longer distance

I’m not a tech expert, but doesn’t the Cat 6 designation mean that it’s sufficient for Cat 6 work (10 gbps), regardless of construction methodology?

I know the Cat6 spec requires lower cross talk, and all sorts of other things. Perhaps to make a flat Cat6 the manufacturer has to do other things to limit the cross talk without the benefit of twisted pairs?

For my applications, it won’t matter. More often than not, if I’m busting out the long ethernet cable it’s for a temporary, direct connection to a piece of equipment that’s not easily accessible. I don’t intend on using these to wire up my house.

Then there’s the separate issue that I can’t saturate 1000mbps, let along 10000mbps).

Wondering if it’s time for a tech category?

ETA: Got the cable over the weekend, and it looks pretty good. About a third of the bulk of the Cat5e x 25ft that it’s replacing.

Please test it side-by-side against your Cat5e.

I have gigabit ethernet at home and going from Cat5e to true Cat6 made a material difference. I was tapping out at 300-400 mbps on cat5e. Now I get 800/900 down/up with Cat6.

Can you recommend a good test?

I currently have my Synology jacked into our home network with a Cat5e cable. I’ll change it to Cat6 and see if I see a difference. If I do, I’ll upgrade all of my cables to Cat6. However, I don’t think I’ll see a difference because I’m not saturating Cat5e as it is.

I just use Ookla’s controlling for hardware/software on my side.

Just read your other post about FIOS Gigabit. Sadly, my puny 200mbps Internet down speed* means I need to get more creative to test ethernet cables. Even an old Cat5e cable is more than capable of saturating my Internet connection.

*which is still the best I’ve ever had

Just tried this and the promo code seems dead at this point.