DEAD AGAIN: 1 Oz. Gold Eagle Coins $4.99 above Spot Price -- BELOW SPOT PRICE when you purchase with your cash-back credit card

The deal comes and goes ocassionally. I’ve seen other similar deals from different sellers at different times. This is the lowest I have ever seen on eBay.

ON SALE! 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin (Varied Year) “Limited Availability”

Buy it with a 2% cash-back credit card and your cost is $20 or so below spot price -or- choose PayPal credit at checkout and get no payments and no interest for six months.


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Any tips on where to sell these coins ?

Any legitimate coin shop should be able to buy them from you at the present “spot price” and pay cash. If they’re offering less than $5.00 or $10.00 below spot price, you’re not really getting a fair price. At times, I’ve seen places advertise that they buy these coins a few dollars OVER spot price but I’ve never actually gone to any of those places.

There’s also several large companies that’ll buy them from you over the Internet like APMEX, JM Bullion.

Interestingly enough, I’ve found that its far easier to get several thousand dollars of cash from a coin shop than it is from the bank!

Done correctly, a person could purchase with a credit card promotional offer and walk away with cash in your hand far easier than getting a cash advance from the same credit card!


Seems dead. Spot is $1320, coin is $1,434.60 as I type.

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This deal (was) live again.

and dead again? 1435 ebay v. 1325 spot.

The deal is now dead. Had been US $1,345.53 or so.

Just today I saw an ad about PayPal Credit offering 24 Months to pay at 0% interest on purchases above $600 (as I recall). The payment each month would be 1/24 of the total. I’m not sure if it was a targeted advertisement (or available to everyone) and I’m not sure if it has any exclusions. I’ve previously had success using PayPal Credit’s no payments and no interest for six months.

eBay Item No 391692854476 Purchase History

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