[DEAD] JCPenney Cooks 6-Qt. Stainless Steel Slow Cooker $17+tax - $11 rebate [Free Instore Pickup]

Cooks 6-Qt. Stainless Steel Slow Cooker

Expires 12/9/2017


A basic slow cooker (not programmable), but for the price it’s hard to complain,

$17 + tax after code 47GIFTS -11 rebate

I had some JCP funny money I needed to burn so this is nice if you have expiring jcp rewards
For me the net cost for this will be 17+1.50-11 = ~$7.50 and I can convert my rewards to a more Liquidable visa prepaid.

Shipping is free after $50 NET purchases (after discounts & rewards) but they’re showing in stock for local pickup near me.

Rebate Form


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