(DEAD) Le Creuset 9-quart Round Dutch Oven at costco.com for $299.99 shipped (limited quantities)


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why does this cost so much more than alternatives such as This one for $129?

Individual preference, quality (can last generations), versatility, durable design, even heat distribution and limited lifetime warranty (plus w/Costco purchase & receipt, item can be returned for any reason).

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Just a guess, but country of origin? Although weight is often used to signify quality, when it comes from China, you have to allow for lead content.

that is interesting. I looked it up and found this:

Where Is Le Creuset Made?

Le Creuset’s original foundry in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France, produces all of the company’s cast iron cookware. The city is located in northern France.

So we are paying top dollar to support the frogs with their croissants.:woman_artist:

Say what you want about the French, but damn, that Le Creuset cookware is excellent. We have a dutch oven and it is one of my favorite pieces to cook with. Lodge is arguably their closest competitor in cast iron. Lodge isn’t bad, but they are heavier and thus take longer to heat up, and the finish quality is just a hair or two worse than Le Creuset’s.

This is one of those “buy it for life” purchases that I don’t regret making.

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The same is true of Silpats. Do you want to be baking something at 450° on a product made in China?

Then Lodge has improved immensely, or Le Creuset has stumbled. :smile: