***Dead--***McDonald's mobile order $1 any sandwich

Continuing my FW threads about this app. The McDonald’s app has $1 any sandwich for mobile orders. I’ve gotten the double qpc which is usually $7 here.

In addition there is a free medium fries with any purchase. –DEAD

Must order and pay in the app.

Yes…garbage food…I know.


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Limit one or multiple? Sounds like a good deal.

You can sign up with an email address and it is immediately available in the app. So basically unlimited with the gmail ‘dot’ trick.

The offers are valid for 3-5 days and have renewed 2 times so far. 3x uses in the past few weeks per account.

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How’d you combine with the fries offer? Says “only one offer allowed per order”

Two phones

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Got it. You had to order something in addition to the $1 sandwich though. Just got a mushroom Swiss grilled chicken sandwich. The sauce they put on it was strange. Wouldn’t pay $5 for it but good deal at $1.
Only breakfast items that were cheap to have made use of the free coffee or fries deal was sausage biscuits $1.20. wasnt up for extra 500 cal for a marginal biscuit. (Am used to occasional chick fill a biscuits).

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$1 large diet Coke, free fries. Second order $1 DQPC


Haven’t McDonald’s for a long time. Seems weird they have no regular iced coffee on their McCafe either. Might go back and try guacamole chicken sandwich.

I was unable to add a vanilla Visa in the app. Are they really banning all prepaids or did I forget something obvious? I set the zip code up first.

I’m using prepaids from metabank, registered to my address without problem.

Here they have iced coffee, not sure why it isn’t showing on yours.

I saw iced coffee but doesn’t have an option without " flavoring" or sugar added in the menu and app for me. 28g sugar in a plain “medium iced coffee” instead of 0. Unless the app and menu in store are just wrong(which is likely). Under customize in the app I do see you can remove liquid sugar and cream but the numbers only add up to half, 90 of the 180cal with default selection.
Maybe they just programmed it poorly.

Sugar free options exist, so they’re adding syrup to a base no frills ice coffee–but I see what you mean about it in the app.

The customization does need work. You can do no, regular or extra of toppings, but can’t do easy/light (they always put too much ketchup/mustard/sauces).

No need for two phones. You can place multiple orders and then pick up all at once. Unless you want to repeat the offer (which is usually one time or daily).

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Bumping because they just renewed the $1 any Sandwhich. Showing again in my accounts that used it in last week. Seems like once a week to try to get people using the mobile order.

Tried the $1 sandwich coupon this morning. It took several tries to accept the order. Then AFTER I showed up to the restaurant, it didn’t accept my payment method I had saved in the app on a previous visit. And then it wouldn’t let me add a different payment method. Also wouldn’t let me abandon the order and start over, so I just left. This app has actually gotten worse over time.

Went to Burger King and used a paper coupon. Take that, technology!


Pretty sure that’s why they keep renewing the coupon this is a big beta test of their online ordering

Is there a way to do multiple orders from one phone?

Log out and log back in with another account? Would have to then log back in account #1 when you’re ready to pick that one up.

Not totally dead but the best sandwiches have been removed. Grand Mac and a QPC are the top ones that remain.