DEAD: ONE Silver Eagle for $17.80 shipped (with a catch)

You can get ONE 2019 Silver Eagle for $17.80 from legit dealer, but you are subscribed to their try-before-you-buy coin subscription.

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I was waiting to post this deal to see how it turned out. I think, in the interest of posting before it disappears vs. having a little more information, I will let you all judge if you think it is a good deal for yourself.

Go to Respond to an Ad | Littleton Coin Company
Enter 5KZ700 for Dept.#
Then you will have a 2019 Silver Eagle to add to your cart for $11.95 plus tax and shipping. It also includes one quarter. For me, that came out to $17.80. You can pay with a credit card and earn points or with PayPal (5% back with Discover this quarter).

The catch is that they will also send you a selection of coins that you can “preview” for 15 days. If you don’t send them back, you own them and owe them ~$20. They are NOT worth $20, not to me anyway.

I packed the 4 extra coins in the provided envelope, and included the bottom of the invoice with the check box for “Yes, I want these coins, here’s my payment info” UNCHECKED, and I wrote a note on the back to unsubscribe me from the “Coins-on-Approval” program. I slapped the included return postage label on the envelope and dropped it at the post office yesterday. Pretty easy return process, I obviously I have no idea yet whether I need to do more to unsubscribe from the Columbia House of coins or if that will do the trick. If they keep sending me coins, I will probably consider this deal not worth it. If I never hear from them again, the return was easily worth the $7 I saved. This is the unknown part of the deal. Evaluate accordingly.

I ordered two of these on different days. The first one was shipped 6 days after I ordered, and it arrived 3 days after that. The second one should ship today. If they deny my second one because of the same address, I will update the thread. The 2019 Silver Eagle I received is exactly what I would expect to get from any coin site selling new GEM BU Silver Eagles and is packaged in a small clear plastic pouch. If you want a small quantity, you are probably paying $5-7 over the Silver spot price from a reputable coin dealer. As of this post, the Silver spot price is $16.47 per oz., so this deal is only $1.33 over spot. I like to buy my kids one of these as a birthday present every year, so the fact that it’s ONE per person didn’t bother me. I only wanted two. If you are a big collector, the savings of $5-7 isn’t really worth it. But if you want one or two, it’s a nice little savings.

Let me know if you have any questions.
There is a referral program for the site that will give you $10 off, but since all their coins seem overpriced, I won’t bother telling you to use my code. If you still want it for some reason, PM me.

Dead is DEAD

It’s not worth it. Their trial program is notoriously difficult to get rid of.

I also believe that you can just keep the “trial” coins and ignore any bills (assuming you don’t ever want to deal with littleton again). If you never agreed to receive the coins (their advertising is extremely deceptive as most first-timers have no idea what they’re getting into), you should have no obligation to either pay for them or mail them back. All mail delivered to you in your name is yours to keep or dispose of as you please. I think keeping the trial coins without paying for them is the best way to unsubscribe from the program.

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Thanks for your input. I’m curious to see if they keep sending me preview coins and make me jump through some crazy hoops to stop. I would have liked to know the answer to that question before posting the deal, but I wanted to make sure people had a chance to get in on it before it disappeared. ~$1.00 over spot is still a good deal even if it’st just for one or two coins. They make great gifts. But if you are right and they make it hard to get out of the trial program, I agree, it’s probably not worth it for most people.

I did get notified the second coin has “shipped.”

@shinobi, I’m surprised you haven’t posted in this thread yet considering your fascination with Silver Eagles.

I like silver eagles. I would not go as far as “fascination”.

But I cannot, in general, afford to buy them one at a time or in small quantities. I bought two that way. That was enough.

I didn’t mean to imply anything funky by saying you had a fascination. Sorry.

I agree, small quantities are useless to people that are considering or buying monster boxes. I just figured you’d think it was neat that there was a deal out there for a single coin for less than $1 over spot shipped (at today’s silver price).

Agreed. That is a good thing. I’m pretty much out of the silver marketplace at this point and did not study the details here.

I actually bought two additional, individual, silver eagles a while back and paid more than this. One was a gift for a child. I needed, and bought, an eagle which bears her birth year. The other was a 2016 eagle just like the 500 in my box. Since I have not opened my monster box, and will not, I was wanting to be able to hold at least one coin in my hand. I never had had that experience prior. They are very nice coins.

Surely you have an underage relative who can make the purchase?

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^^^ Good point!

IANAL, but I also think that attaching an unrelated contract to a purchase may be invalid / voidable. And I doubt they’ll try very hard to collect the debt other than sending a few bills in the mail, because the amount is small, they don’t truly know who they’re dealing with (could be a minor or a pseudonym with an anonymous payment method), and they probably can’t even prove that their trial coins were delivered.

Most complaints about this company (on BBB and yelp) are related to this abhorrent business practice.

I presumed that all coins were silver or copper when you were young. :smirk:

Oh, for certain. And I was an idiot not to have hoarded the silver ones. But at the time I had no clue how valuable they were. Having a silver quarter in your pocket back then, for example, was routine. It was nothing special.

But I never had held in hand, prior to my purchase of the single eagle, a silver eagle. So I bought just one to make this possible. They are very attractive, and very American, coins. I can understand why they are so popular. :slightly_smiling_face: