Deal discussion: Best current strategy for buying Apple products? iPhone?

Since Apple gc don’t trade at much of a discount, what’s the best way to buy Apple stuff at a discount? Last I checked, it was using the Discover portal preferably during a Disccover IT doubling year.

Maybe through a dealer like BestBuy? Although with loss of cc extended warranty from using GC and sales tax issues at local stores, nothing seems that great.

Best option may be to buy from B&H Photo or another authorized online dealer that doesn’t charge tax in your state. B&H only collects tax in NY & NJ so for me that’s over a 10% savings. On top of that you can use whatever credit card you want to get the best warranty.


get something used on ebay. as long as it’s in good condition and you don’t require the latest and greatest hardware, it’s easily half the cost or less.



Yes, Swappa is my choice as well

Apple Certified Refurbished: