Deer hit my car. Now getting the run around. Now what ?!?

On nov 14th a deer hit my car. Pics. I reported claim morning of 15th. Body shop est privided on 15th THROUGH their approved shop. Said it will be 5 days to approval. (well past 5 days so i call again)

Its now dec 3rd. Im getting the run around. Its now not approved through their “damage approver”. Claims they sent it back to body shop for revisions about rear quarter panel. Repair vs replace n get c
orrect code on driverside mirror.

Besides rear QP n code for mirror. Arent they required to send UNDISPUTED AMOUNT ?

Next steps ?

Complaint to dept of insurance in new york state ?
Go see my local agent ?
Allegedly im getting a call back from my guys stupidvisor. Which im sure wont happen today.

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500 deductible. Est $6800 damage on car (at their approved shop)

I have already spent $618 out of pocket to fix mirror n door handle.
Since they were talking about maybe february for the fix.
I might keep the money. As i can live with the damage.
But they arent keeping up their end of the insurance deal.


Did you get their insurance info or was it a hit-and-run?


Well yes actually. Almost.
The deer ran n hit me. A run n hit is def different than a hit n run.

I didnt speak with the deer ref insurance. I think it was fatal for the deer. Didnt want to deal with the family n the estate process.

So i just claimed on my own no fault insurance.


I’m not sure how to proceed except be persistent and patient but just out of curiosity, what’s your insurer? Just to make sure to stay clear of them in the future…


This is why we have Amica… it’s a little more expensive but they’re very good about paying claims.


Claims lady called me back.
They chopped 1500 off because they think the quarter panel can be repaired.
Then another 1k off thru discounted rates to that body shop. Which is BS. But whatever.
Check was to be mailed out today lol. Lets see.


I’ve had experience with them cutting money off like you’re saying and then when the body shop goes to work on it and can’t do it for that amount, they’ll request more from the insurance company which will usually be approved once the adjuster reviews. I asked the body shop about this process, and they said it’s pretty common because the insurance wants to pay the least amount possible, and they hope the body shop will get it done for the amount or the person may pocket the money and not get it fixed. You may want to move forward with getting it fixed.


Forgot pic obviously.

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that will buff right out


Don’t get it repaired until after New Years, which is the end of the drunk and running season.

Also, maybe suggest your repair shop put a few more bucks in that envelope that they keep for adjusters. :wink: