Dell P2418D 23.8" 16:9 IPS Monitor 2560 x 1440 $59.99 + FREE S&H

2 things:

  1. This has gotta be a price mistake.
  2. Does anyone know anything about this vendor?


Here’s specs on it from Dell:


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SCAM website.

Stay away!!

Where did you get the link ?

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FP searching for “monitor” on SD.

SD = slickdeals ?

I don’t see it searching for “monitor” or “dell monitor” at Slickdeals

Might have been deleted by SD staff already if thats where you were looking.

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See for yourself.

You realize thats an ad ?

I’m not getting those same results but they may serve up random ads for every search.
Also looks like those ads are served by Google so its not even coming from Slickdeals.


That’s what comes up when I search “monitor”.

I took that link and posted it on their forums. The thread got removed and I got a warning.

What was the warning from Slickdeals? Did they recognize it as a scam?

I don’t recall what it was but it’s dumb because it’s still on their site. Or at least it was. I don’t see it now when I search “monitor”.

You should really install an ad blocker.

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I have AdBlock Plus on my Firefox, but I still see those targeted ads at SD.

They don’t have direct control of the google ads that are served on their site.

Websites can blacklist specific sites or topics but that wouldn’t be able to stop scams like this.
They might (hopefully) block the site ad after they catch it.

It’s highly likely to be a scam but we don’t know for sure. I was hoping someone else would try it and report back on the great deal they got.

What the … ? If YOU’RE wondering about it, why don’t YOU try it and report back? You’re hoping someone else would take the risk, and then if it works out, you can get the deal and benefit from THEIR work and risk, but if it’s a scam, THEY’LL pay the price (literally) with no risk to you. Nice.