Didn’t charge customer

So on Friday he said he may be willing to work with you? And now it’s Wednesday and you’re certain he’s not going to pay?

Forget about my suggestion to mail a demand letter, first just mail an invoice.

I’m just very confused by what’s going on here, sounds to me like there’s a lot more to the story.

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Yes, this is in the mail. Considering our PayPal invoice / purchase confirmation went on deaf ears I am assuming this is a dead transaction.

Maybe I can have the manufacturer kill the product via serial number…hmm

Why won’t you tell us how big of a loss this potentially is? If we had a dollar amount, we may be able to give better advice. It’s not about us being nosey, but if you’re making us spend our time trying to help you over $50, that’s just dumb. If we’re talking about $50,000, then that’s another animal. You’ve ignored this question numerous times.


Fiddy cent


Is that your actual loss (your cost) or is that the transaction total amount (cost+profit)?

If it’s the total amount, I’d honestly say to send a couple invoices and if nothing, it is what it is. You messed up and this is an unfortunate price to pay (no pun intended). If the customer agrees to pay and actually pays, you got really lucky.

Edit to add: this may be a good opportunity to revamp some of your transaction processes and procedures. If it was an error on someone’s part specifically, then perhaps it’s a training opportunity.


Nah, I’ll send this pos to collections and waste as much time as need be.

Collections? I don’t know if you have any ground to stand on. YOU messed up, not the customer. Why would you potentially destroy someone’s credit like that for a mistake they didn’t make? They may legitimately be indisposed (hospital, jail, out of the country, etc.) and you’re talking about sending them to collections because of them going dark for a few days? What is your business? I want to make sure I NEVER spend a dime with you. What a dumb attitude to have.

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How long do you suggest he wait? There’s a 90% chance the guy is ghosting him (probably higher). I’d give it another 2 weeks and then go to collections.

If he’s in the hospital for a long period of time or in jail, he can dispute the hit on the credit report. If he’s out of the country, he’s likely to have access to email. Seems all too convenient that he’s bailed on him.


OP messed up and is going to refer the account to collections? Is that a joke? Are you seriously behind this?

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Yeah OP messed up but it’s no different a situation for net 30 or any other terms where you pay after. OP called and tried to get paid, sent an invoice, etc. are you suggesting it’s fine for this guy not to pay at all?? $2,600 isn’t chump change, regardless of his margin on it.


How long has it been since the original purchase? Isn’t it standard practice to wait a couple months and send a couple bills trying to collect and give the customer an opportunity to pay before taking such drastic actions as collections? At the least, send the customer a letter with notice to pay or collections actions will be taken. Then wait another 30 to 60 days. I personally think no notice given for collections is BS. Even if he is ghosting you, a collection on someone’s account can really screw them over. Be reasonable and give them notice to collect first. I’d be really pissed if someone took me to collections with no notice, even if the payment was late 60 days.


The only thing OP “messed up” was being so conscientious of protecting his customer’s sensitive information, shredding the credit card info before he was done with it.

If I were another of his customers, I’d be concerned about this situation prompting him to hold onto all customer info longer than necessary, “just in case”.

No, OP messed up by not charging the cc at shipment.

Anyway, why does it matter? Even if OP doesn’t care about anything else other than collecting as much as possible on this one particular account, how is the best advice to send the account to collections now?


Is it really best practice to dispose of that information every single day? Never heard of that.

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I think best practice would generally be to enter the information into the payment gateway and never actually store the information yourself.

But depending on what’s being sold or what types of customers OP is dealing with, it may be different.


And he blocked my number in his cell. Don’t think i’m getting paid on this deal!

I’d send a reminder at 30 and 60 day mark and then send the account to collections. Don’t waste anymore time on it.


ill have the item deactivated via serial number and then send him to collections.


Update - customer made contact saying he was being harassed by my company. The item he ordered never arrived and he went out and bought another one. Also, do not call me, email or send anything to me related to this order.