DirecTV Now Money Maker ($10 OR better) 1st month

DirecTV NOW has a promo, your first month is $10 for the $35 tier. (technically $25 off any plan) code BDAY2017.

Plenty of portals still paying out on DIRECTV NOW. I used MrRebates, $20 for new sign ups. Ebates is $16, but I don’t prefer them anymore. I couldn’t use TCB because I previously used them 2x already and don’t want to risk CB not posting. Befrugal is another choice but I don’t like their payout minimums.

Worst case this is a $10 money maker via MrRebates.

Sweeten the deal:

BofA is starting to show a $35 Cash back BankAmerideal for DirecTV now. The wording says you need a $35 charge to hit your card before 12/23. In the past similar wording for the hulu deal ($7.99 charge must hit card, must be new customer) was not enforced for me. My recurring $5.99 charge from Hulu triggered that deal. I am pretty optimistic that this $10 first month charge will trigger the $35 Amerideal.

-$10 OOP
+$20 MrRebates
+35 Bank of America

Makes this a potential $45 money maker for month one.


Wiki info here:

Befrugal - $22
Top Cash Back - $22
MrRebates - $20
iConsumer - $16
Ebates - $16

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Update: cash back posted today.


BOA+Mr Rebates posted ?

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Should have been more specific, just mrrebates.


Did you get a notification from BoA that your cash back was pending after the $10 charge hit? I got notified after my AT&T purchase with them a month back when I did that $75 back deal, even though I still had to make another purchase to fullfil the deal. The $75 showed up about a month later.

Nothing from BofA yet. I’ll update if it posts, they’re notoriously slow on those.

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yes. I’ve had them reverse after auth.

Still nothing on BofA. I’m moving on to another DirecTV purchase to trigger the $35 Amerideal credit.