Discounted Forever postage stamps as an investment?

Deal expires today and works out to 18 cents a stamp vs. buying a stamp at the post office for 63 cents. Buy $100,000 of stamps that instantly have a “street value” over $300,000. Is there any money making opportunity here? I mean, I only use maybe a dozen stamps a whole year, so it may be hard to unload to cash in.

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I highly doubt they have 500 lots to sell you.

You’d piece them out 100 at a time on ebay for $40-$50 (doubling your money). $20 profit per sale isnt exactly lucrative for the hands-on effort required for individual ebay sales, and having to hold them indefinitely until sold.

And that’s if this deal is even legit. If I placed an order, the last thing I would expect to receive would be 1,100 authentic forever stamps.

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Question was hypothetical so I didn’t look into it any closer. Assumed it came directly from the USPS. Upon further inspection, I see it’s from some place called viwin-online. I know the P.O. needs money, but selling stamps this cheap is too good to be true so it must be a scam. I mean, that’s less than what they must charge for bulk mailed letters.


There’s a chance that some old dude went all in investing in forever stamps years ago, died, and now his estate is liquidating his assets without really understanding what they are. But it’s a deal I’d expect to be gone in hours, if not minutes, if legit.

For $200, it’s almost worth placing an order, just for the curiosity factor. But it’d be mostly for a story to tell around the watercooler.

We legally acquire our postage stamps from businesses and the general public; from leftover business mailings and company liquidations, to wedding invitations and stamp collections. As a result, we can acquire large quantities of stamps at great prices and pass the savings on to our customers.

They have a slew of 100-count lots for $25 too. I imagine the market for bulk postage stamps isnt exactly booming. So there’s a chance this is legit, if the site is legit at all.

Edit: Apparently, ebay had a listing of 1,000 for $199, that sold out yesterday.

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I see multiple completed listings for around that price, all from brand new users with no feedback, random user names of the same format (word-number), identical images, similar descriptions, and a quantity of 5 in each listing. Most likely they’re all scams. But at least on eBay there’s a Money Back Guarantee.


Was there also a humongous box of silver coins? :slight_smile: