Discover 1% debit deals?

Any good use of Discover 1% debit deals? Most sites consider it to be a CC in my research (and I can do better with USAA 2.5% back there

Mainly looking for tax payments cashback and might look into paypal 5% chase there…

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Buy money orders wherever they let you pay with debit. At the max value, the purchase fee is usually around .1%.

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Technically prohibited for rewards by T&C. But I don’t think bill pay’s at your favorite discount store with a built-in money center is prohibited by T&C (and I confirm that it comes up as a purchase and is rewarded).

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Paypal and Venmo are called out specifically in the T&C as not eligible P2P payments. But there may be a payment service from a large search engine that flies under the radar.

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