Do not mess with asteroids

Asteroids have an annoying tendency to persist:

Gravitational force can at times be a nuisance

I figure a decent-sized asteroid striking the right spot in the Atlantic Ocean would be all it would take to wipe out NYC. If the wave height reached 2000 feet even I would be in trouble. Hoping for the best.:smile:

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We are all going to die.

OK, we have a 75% chance any asteroid will strike water. Such a hit will take out only, or principally, coastal denizens. Those of us living at (at least some) altitude would have a chance of survival.

However, conversely:

Should the asteroid strike land and send up a gargantuan cloud of fine dust, blocking the sun and persisting for a number of years, survival of everyone on the planet would be in question. We all would be praying for global warming sufficient to end the consequent rapidly developing ice age.

Frankly, asteroid or not, billions will praying for global warming soon enough. And it will not be happening. I own property. My property has been beneath deep ice at least four times in the last 400,000 years. Each time global warming, thank goodness, melted that ice making the land habitable once again. There will come a fifth time, trust me, with a fifth eventual melting thousands of years hence.

“soon enough”? I mean, eventually, sun will becoming a red giant then as a white dwarf but doubtful human will still be around then. Global warming is already have a noticeable effect on human habitation, TODAY.