Does a national emergency alter bank interest rate commitments?

My Customers Bank MMA rate is 2.25% guaranteed to June 30th. Could they drop that claiming it’s a national emergency?

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I have a similar account through Patriot Bank at 2.22% guaranteed through 6/30/20 so I’m interested in the consensus on this, however I’m far more concerned about CD’s I have locked in than this liquid account however.


[Can you fathom the chaos that would happen if banks really could adjust rates to their benefit (credit card, car, and mortgage rates changing; contracts being declared void, etc.)]

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But in a national emergency? Don’t insurance policies have exclusions for claims during war, riots, national emergencies?

Yes, some contracts have a force majeure clause.

Again, I don’t think you are going to find many of those in bank CD or loan contracts with regards to the rate the bank pays you or you pay them. Wouldn’t you expect that if the bank can change the rate it pays you, eventually a judge somewhere would then agree you can change the rate you pay the bank? That ends up being bad for everyone.

Just like everything else in the world… ANYTHING is possible, but this is not very likely.