Does anyone here invest in artist royalties?

Recently, I have been looking into purchasing artist royalties from RoyaltyExchange. I want to make sure I understand some of the nuances of how royalties are taxed

The catalogue I want to purchase has a cost of approximately 50k. The monthly income from this royalty catalogue is about $500. My understanding is that I can depreciate the 50k cost over the course of 10 years, meaning that I can depreciate $5000 of the expected $6000 in yearly cashflow (for 10 years). So only $1000/year will be taxable, correct?

Also, if I sell the catalogue for a profit at some point, would the profit be taxed at the capital gains rate or at the standard rate?

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How’d it work out for you?


So I purchased the royalties for just over 51k about a year ago. So far I’ve collected about $7800 in royalties. I also got an offer from someone who wants to buy at a 53k price point (which I declined).


Did you find the answers to your questions about depreciation and how it’s taxed?

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Congrats. Nice ROI … so far. :smile: