Double dipping on cashback sites

I know we all used fatwallet cashback in the past, and many of us have migrated to the site that starts with ee and ends with bates for our clickthrough cashback needs.

There are, of course, many other cashback sites on the internet. Has anyone figures out a way to “double dip”? (i.e. to get 1% from one site, 1% from another, and so on)?

Thanks folks, post away!

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You can double dip at some by buying gc via a portal, then buying product via portal and paying with GC. Many retailers are onto this, so whether it works is hit or miss. Frequent Miler keeps an organized list of data points on it.

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Ibotta counts Sears shopyourway point redemption as a full purchase.

Ebates has 20%off Macy’s plus you can combine with Macy’s cash back

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Last I looked into this, the online shopping portals used HTTP referrer (and session cookies) to track your click-through. Since there’s only one referrer (by design) and one referrer tracking cookie at the destination, you aren’t supposed to be able to double dip these portals. It would have to be very wrongly implemented for it to work. I don’t recall ever seeing any successful data points for this.

Not quite what you asked, but you can double dip card-linked rewards programs if they are on different networks.

Hopefully not that many of us, because it has not been the rewards leader in a long time.

in short… No.

in long… only if the tracking mechanisms are disparate and the programmers and implementors screwed up.