Early warning: Google Nest Hub Gen 2 Smart display for fifty bucks

Not available yet! Not available yet! But soon . .

(. . . . not available yet at the sale price, that is.)

Walmart.com will have this item on sale commencing at 7 o’clock PM eastern time on twenty-second of November . . roughly nine days hence. Here is a link to the item at today’s price . . . which is of course higher than the title price.


Obvious question:

Will only the chalk be available for $50?

I dunno. Guess we find out on the 22nd.

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It’s the 22nd but the Walmart.com website has blown up!

Massive IT fail. So not sure you will be able to get this deal.


Update early morning 11/23

Deal is live with $50 price and all colors available at that price.

Website problems have been fixed . . . at least for now.