Ebay 20% off until 3/9 8pm

eBay.com is Offering 20% Off Purchases $25+ Sitewide with COUPON CODE: PSPRING20.

Note: Offer valid valid today only 3/9 8am-8pm PT. Excludes Gift Cards & Coupons, Coins & Paper Money, Real Estate. This offer is very rare. Happy shopping!

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This really is a nice deal. I bought a new Samsung s3 Classic watch and a manufacture refurb Pixel xl for $400, before ibotta and cc bonuses of another 9%.

really can’t think of anything to buy. Sad.


The more you don’t buy, the more you save!


I got the logitech G903 with powerpad that I have been lusting over for a year.

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That’s because they’ve already excluded everything we could think of :sweat_smile: