eBay - Splitting payment for one item among multiple credit cards

Has anyone ever found a way to accomplish this? Here is the scenario:

I buy an item on eBay. I want to split payment for my purchase between at least two, but preferably among multiple credit cards. I do not know how to accomplish that, not with PayPal or through any other means.

Researching this on the net, when the question is posed some responders point to partial payment with (for example) an existing PayPal balance and the other part with a CC. That is NOT AT ALL the question here, and it is annoying for them even to mention such a thing.

What I want/need to do is to pay for a single item using more than just a single CC.

Has anyone found a way to accomplish this? And if not, what a scintillating PITA!

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About the only way is to go to your local grocery store or gas station, and use each of the cards you wish to pay with to buy a eBay gift card for the exact amount you want charged to that card. You can then use the multiple eBay gift cards to pay for the purchase. Of course, you can probably just buy one gift card, and split tender the purchase at the store between the multiple cards, too.


Are you buying silver rounds on eBay to satisfy minimum spending requirements?

Naaa. No such thing. I just need to put some legitimate spend on a bunch of cards, and I do not spend all that much money. I do occasionally buy stuff on eBay, but being able to pay with just a single CC is not at all helpful when the goal is spreading the spending around.

Nope, not directly. If you do this through eBay gift cards, they do not work with certain categories. There are also limits related to the number of gift cards per transaction, and the total amount of gift cards within a time window.


You do realize there’s no such thing, right? Either you authorizing the purchases or the transactions are fraudulent. Beyond that, the card company really couldnt care less. Your volume may get you shut down, but if it’s going to happen it’s going to happen - it isnt going to matter how much you’ve tried to “hide” those 5-figure CDs with random $25 purchases.

First of all, you already know what I meant by “legitimate”. I was referring to non-hustle spending.

Second, I go with my gut and with my experience on this stuff. And my gut is urging me to put on my cards as much legitimate spending as I’m able. It’s tough because I am operating so many cards and do not have sufficient legitimate spending to spread around as I would prefer.

And BTW, my five figure days are behind me . . . all in the past . . . well, OK, almost entirely in the past. I have become a four figure guy now. I’m reformed. :grinning:

Why not buy more stuff on Ebay to flip back on Ebay?

I’m not knocking anyone else when I say this. I respect others have a different viewpoint, and that is fine.

But I have zero desire to sell on eBay. I’ve been on eBay for, I dunno, twenty years. Have never sold even a single item. And I never will.