Equifax is hacked again?! It never ends...does it?

What do helpless citizens do now? If the gov’t will not suspend/close companies like this, who else do we turn to?

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Why is anyone turning to equifax for help with their leaked information in the first place? When Target gave away my credit card number and I got a fraudulent charge, I just called Chase and got a new card. I never expected Target to help me in the future. Why would I? They were the ones that screwed up in the first place.


This is different. If Equifax is one of the roots, banks are the branches, and credit cards are the leaves. Easy to replace the higher up the tree you go but you can’t get a new SSN (practically speaking). Can’t solve the problem without EQ either going out of business or trying to fix this mess somehow. :frowning:


Banks are still using Equifax to run credit checks. So if someone has a problem in their report, they have to go to Equifax. There’s no one else they can go to.

Also, Reuters picked up the story: Equifax says systems not compromised in latest cyber scare | Reuters