EV tax credits, and rebates for fun and profit

Edit, I decided to rename the thread to be useful for people in other states. Let’s discuss opportunities for deals like this one from California.

Buy a new Tesla for less than 14,000 in California

Still not low enough to make me want to buy an electric car, but might be tempting to others

Then he took advantage of an impressive list of incentives:

  • $7500 from (CVRP) Clean Vehicle Rebate Project.
  • $4000 from the Electrify Your Ride program from Central Coast Community Energy (3CE).
  • $4000 from the Monterey Bay Air Resources District – Electric Vehicle Incentive Program.
  • $7500 from the Federal Tax Credit.

That’s $23,000 in incentives, and when combined with the Tesla discounts, it brings the effective price of the Model 3 to $13,620.

EDIT Now to be fair, you need to be in a fairly rare situation to qualify for all of those incentives simultaneously since you need to have a federal tax burden to take advantage of the full tax credit, while also having low enough income to qualify for CVRP.


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Is there an asset test? I’m simultaneously rich and poor, depending on which metric you use. I imagine establishing residency just to buy a car would be the hard part.

Does anyone know if the federal credit rolls over the next year if you don’t use it all?

I’m itching for an electric car, but it absolutely does not fit my use case. Despite living in a fancy house in New Orleans, I have only street parking and our block is fairly congested so I could not really ever be guaranteed to park right in front of the house and run a wire. And having to have full coverage on a car that expensive is easily an extra $2000/yr in New Orleans, the nations fourth most expensive car insurance market :(.

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CVP for the better rebate is less than 400% of the FPL. 58k for a single person. I guess with the cost of living in California, that’s poverty wages, lol.

Looks like California registration of the car and drivers license is required.


Check out NJ or other liberal states, although I bet most want you to pay taxes there too.

AZ used to waive prop. tax/VLT but no mas


does not rollover/ non refundable.

home charger is a must, but TSLA has the best public quick charge system, esp if close to home

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And even if you could, you absolutely know that someone will try to steal that copper wire. :}


Esp the heavy guages needed.

I do like the OP idea of using [EV tax credits, and rebates for fun and profit] I also wonder if any other deals for conservative state folks like AZ or just federal credits

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Maybe lease at a liberal state dealer who passes on the credits??