Excessive Value (EV) "insurance" questions

Is anyone familiar with excessive value “insurance” for international travel? We have a trip coming up on United. We will bringing some items and would like to insure at least one checked bag. Most of the flights there (Europe) are United but there will be an intl carrier involved on the final leg. Do I need to get EV coverage from both airlines? Anyone have experience making a claim?

I found this article which has some useful info: https://www.airfarewatchdog.com/blog/3801943/the-baggage-insurance-they-never-tell-you-about/

Thanks for any info!

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By iata agreement, the delivering carrier is responsible for your bag, even if United is the carrier that loses it.

I usually just rely on the goodwill of the airline and my credit card insurance, and hand-carry anything that’s truly valuable, although the suitcase itself is pretty expensive and is worth more than the contents usually.

A true loss is a pretty rare event. I’d only worry about it if you were checking a suitcase full of Armani suits or something like that.

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I vote no more replies until gremln tells us what he’s packing in his suitcase!


Thanks @TravelerMSY! I was hoping you would chime in…

To confirm: I would need to be concerned with United AND the next hop carrier, right?

Thanks for mentioning CC insurance… I booked these tickets with points and then a Chase Sapphire Reserve. I bet the CSR covers this.

meed18, nothing too exciting. Just gifts for family and “supposed” valuables of my wife.

Read your policy but it’s likely CSR covers it if it’s not an excluded item. It covers your entire ticket and doesn’t really matter what carrier. Since bags are rarely actually lost/stolen, the coverage is more valuable for replacing items you can’t do without until your bag shows up.

All three issuers have changed how their insurance interacts with tickets purchased with miles or points, and isn’t unified among card types. Definitely read the policy. And update us here on what you find :slight_smile:

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You were right on the CSR coverage. It looks really great for lost baggage coverage. Better coverage than I would be buying from what I can tell. Since I charged the taxes and fees on the CSR, it would be covered in the (unlikely) event something happens.

FYI, there are a good many travel benefits (beyond the obvious ones) that make the CSR a good card for frequent travelers.

Thanks again for the advice, @TravelerMSY