Experian free monthly credit report offer

Any opinions of this? You all must have seen the offer by now (if not, Google is your friend).

They say there is no charge. They do not ask for your CC information. I don’t see a problem, but I also do not trust Experian or any of the other credit reporting services. Assume they will spam me, but that might be tolerable in return for having free monthly access to my report.

What do you think?

If anyone already actually signed up, how did it go?

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I use Credit Karma. There’s no charge. You can look at your credit reports from TransUnion and Equifax any time. I get email notifications of changes regularly.


Owned by Experian. Real FICO 8 and Experian report updated monthly. No fee, no credit card necessary. They do try to upsell you each time you log in, just click no/not interested.

Have used it for me and wife for >1 year with no problems.


Same here, been using freecreditscore.com since it came out. No spam (I use unique email aliases, so I am certain).

The only issue is every time you login they try to upsell you a paid service, so you have to click on the “no thank you” button to continue.

I thought CK used to show Equifax, but not it only shows TU? In which case it’s no better than CreditWise from CapOne.

ETA: learned that CK did have only TU before, but they show both TU and EQ now. Guess it’s time to finally sign up…

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I still see both transunion and equifax with credit karma


So the price for “free credit monitoring” with creditkarma is ~weekly spam emails from which you can’t unsubscribe without turning off credit monitoring. “Reward Your Excellent Credit With the Right Card” it says. How condescending :slight_smile: