Face mask sale - decent price, FS

Chance to purchase at off price an item which has become America’s most recent must-have fashion statement:

The nominal price for 50 masks is just $29.99. However, if you apply this coupon code


at checkout, your bottom line cost will fall to just $16. That is only a skosh more than two bits per mask.

Link to cheap masks

Note: If sales tax is applicable where you live, this company will add that tax onto your billing total.

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Thanks shinobi… This is a good deal… To late for me, already purchased.

Made to look like a surgical mask, but doesn’t say anywhere that it is one (surgical masks are tested and regulated). You might as well wrap your face with a scarf or a t-shirt.

Agreed. Completely. But in some places you had better not show up without a covering for nose and mouth. It’s not for your protection the zealots say; it’s instead for the protection of others.

Masks have become very political, so how you’re treated without a face mask depends where you are.

Missed it, but thanks.

My husband makes reusable cloth ones out of cool old t-shirts and fabric, but it’s sometimes handy to have a disposable one too.

LOL I made so many of them from crafts fabric (chiffon mostly but some silk too) and old T-shirts, that each of us now has about one to go with each of their favorite outfits.

I had to get 50 ouchless hair ties to make enough of the elastic loops that go around the ears. Also because I hate my glasses fogging from the mask, I used nose wire sewn into the top of the masks.

Total mats was less than for these disposable ones and they’re also nicer looking, more comfortable to wear for extended periods and wash very easily. BUT… Were they a pain in the rear to make!!! I’d better get some use for them next time it’s flu season!

Dang!! Me, too, I guess. I’ve not been into a food store since early March. I’m starting to run out of some items I’m unable to purchase online.

Yesterday I needed gasoline for my lawn equipment. No problem with that since it’s self service. After driving the ten miles and buying the gasoline, I drove across the road and into the parking lot of a small supermarket again last visited in March. I just wanted to do a little research and “see what I could see”. Had no intent to go inside (and I did not do so). Merely sat in the car and watched.

Well, I would say 60%-75% of the customers I observed, as they entered and left the store, were wearing masks. One store employee, out tending to shopping carts, was masked.

This told me the store was allowing entry by unmasked customers. Since you wear a mask to protect “the other guy”, and after giving it a bit of thought, I was not pleased. Decided as follows:

*I need to buy some masks
*I need to go into the store at a time when the fewest number of customers are present

So I came back to this thread to buy my own deal . . . . and I’m too late.

Such is life! :woozy_face:

Apologies for the above post. I should not have relied on another poster who seemed to be signalling deal was dead, or so it appeared to me.

I just tried the deal for myself because I really needed the masks. Had no problem whatsoever. The deal is good at this hour. I bought 50 masks for a bit less than sixteen bucks.

They didn’t even charge me sales tax!!

And of course I saved a few cents by using my Alliant Visa Signature CC. :grinning:

Bottom line: very pleased and glad I tried for myself.

Masks arrived yesterday. They are very much as expected and will do the job nicely.

Following arrival I saw these same masks on TV selling in a store for a buck each. Course at that price you only were required to buy one mask. Talk about “cheaper by the dozen”. :smiley:

You can easily buy 50 masks for about $11-$12 on eBay, shipped from the U.S. The filter material should be non-woven meltblown, and you may want to do your own burn and water tests. The filter layer should not burn and should not absorb water.