Fatwallet done on October 9th

Email from Fatwallet:

Thank you for shopping FatWallet. With sadness, we must inform you that we will be closing our site on Monday October 9th.

At least we don’t have to guess any longer!


Nooooooo!!! :sob:

Any way to get a last final push out there to let people know that this forum exists? What’s the best way to let the original community know for the final push before the boat sinks?

Here’s a link to save your old FW PMs, in case you have some you want to keep:



Just do not understand why/how it costs so much to run the site for a multi-billion dollar company. The founder should try to buy it back.


Thanks for sharing. I’ll do a toast in tribute.

Good idea slappycakes

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It’s done all right. A few people have registered there just to cause trouble and be disruptive. One person is posting porn and I do mean with pics. I’m not a prude, but there are places for that and FW wasn’t it.

I was interested in continuing to read everyone’s goodbyes until the site went poof, but no more.

FW is getting spammed!!

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I might recommend removing/changing any personal profile information, and change your email to one you don’t care about.
I don’t want them selling my info, or spamming me!
9:30 Beloit time, seems like the mods are gone… I wonder if Rakuten knows how to “turn off the lights”? LOL

Final message from FW founder Tim Storm


I have to say, this post from Tim Storm is on the spot.

Eloquent AND an entrepreneur!

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It’s still up and it’s still filtering certain content like my topic to encouraging buying stuff on Rutaken what whatever it’s called. For price mistake only.

The filter caught it and the topic was never posted.

It costs very little to keep the site up and running. I think the advertisement revenue is enough to cover the IT cost.

The true cost is to follow all the new governmental compliance requirements, such as EU’s GDPR. Although fatwallet is mainly for US people, however because fatwallet’s parent company is an international company, every subsidiary has to follow the same compliance requirements.

Sad day.

I mean, I get it… but he had to have seen this coming.