Fatwallet Finance is back with a new book


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Frequently bought together with:


Thanks for the laugh OP! No doubt a FWF callback :slight_smile:


Why buy it individually, when you can buy the 5-book boxed set?

The five books included in the Reach Around Books Season One Box Set include:

  • Suzy Likes to Look at Balls
  • Come Swing with Us!
  • Spank the Monkey Lends a Hand
  • Brenda’s Beaver Needs a Barber
  • Put Tony’s Nuts in Your Mouth!

I can just imagine my 6 year old neice going to school and telling her teacher she’s ready to take a reading test on Hookers and Blow…


We’ve got one from that series entitled, “the night daddy went to jail.”

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But don’t forget “Who Will Help Jack Off the Horse?”


That’s the fluffer who warms up the mare before Secretariat comes in (so to speak) and earns the garbanzo beans. Whoever takes care of the fluffer, after he warms up the mare, gets to write a book that Jeff Bezos will ship for free.