Fedex DSR package delivered to the completely wrong address?

Anyone dealt with something like this before? Shipped package into New York - driver left 2 door tags and finally got a Direct Signature from someone at the apartment on the 3rd attempt. Few hours later I get a message from the customer letting me know that the package never arrived - open a trace / driver goes out and confirms he delivered it to the address on the package. WTF is going on here…is the fedex driver wasting his time going the wrong address 4 times or is this a straight scam.

Also, signature from Fedex was essentially scribble, but had a different name attached.

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Is this a longstanding customer or an ebay type thing?

$50 item, $500 item or $5,000 item?

I’ve had drivers call me personally about issues like this, you might need to make a little more noise w/Fedex.

Ebay type thing.

Pretty odd that the buyer hasn’t contected Fedex themselves. But I’ve also seen all kinds of crap. Delivery guy scribbles a signature and tosses the package behind the screen door, etc.