Fidelity offers free Turbotax Premiere(Download/Online) YMMV

Goto fidelity website. Scroll down to bottom of the portfolio page. There should be an offer for it.

Some people are getting it for free, others $20 off.

Follow the link to Turbotax landing page and select “File taxes” ==> Choose CD/Download.==> compare products.

Good luck.


Added link:

Try this link below.


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Something seems odd – but it may just be me, and I have a low balance at fidelity. From my offer, which was ‘up to’ (famous last words) $20.00 off, I was directed to Fidelity’s Turbo Tax site which stated that Turbo Tax Premier, which is the version I would use, was $54.00, instead of $69.00 (list price), so that is $15.00 off that is true – however: The state is not included. State is an additional $39, for a total of $93.00 for Federal + 1 State.

Amazon (and I try to purchase from somewhere else if I can, just for comparison) is $69.00 for both premier and 1 state. So it seems to be $24.00 cheaper to just get it without involving having your tax info from Fidelity automatically included / linked to Turbo Tax, which is what seems to happen if you login to accept Fidelity’s Turbo Tax offer.

Anyway – I am not a high-value Fidelity customer, so clearly I did not get the free offer. I am curious, though, if that ‘free’ offer was for Federal only, or included the State? Kind of sneaky, it seems to me, since it seems that the State is overpriced if not bundled and makes up for some of the cost of the free/discounted Federal product.

My two cents.

Amazon offer link:


It is for the premier version, which is federal +1 State and includes efiling the fed return.

Intuit may have changed the details, but I could have sworn that Premier came with a state return, whether your wanted it, or not. It did not include state e-file.

Then it looks like I just got a lousy offer, worse than just buying Turbo Tax from Amazon (if you want to help fund sending Jeff Bezos and his friends into space), although I did not login with my fidelity credentials. But then again I stopped using Fidelity for banking when their money market sweep interest rates went to zero so I suppose I don’t deserve any favors or special offers from them. I’ll go elsewhere where I get a good value up front and if they want to be extra nice I’ll appreciate it then. Thanks for the confirmation.

That’s very good then. All the ones I see elsewhere include one State, but not the State e-file. My offer from Fidelity wanted $39.00 for one Sate - but I do not know if that price, which seemed high to me, included the State e-file. If I use turbo tax, I do not pay for State e-file, I print the PDF for the State, walk two blocks to the Post Office, and pay less than $4.00 for certified mail, and ship the State return to them. It’s cheaper and I can prove they receive it, and I support the post office, rather than pay extra money to turbo tax who lobbies against the IRS providing free filing for most people, which they could have been doing for years if not for opposition from tax preparation software companies.

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Mine included Federal and state.

Hmm…no offer for me below portfolio page.

I have found over the years that sometimes it takes a little time for the offer to show up.

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FreeTaxUSA is my recommendation. I have used them for a few years now, and have found the calculations to mirror what I have done by hand.


Try this link

Thanks, you probably just saved me 70 bucks.

Found this on SD:

To see if you have the offer, login to your account and go to the Summary page if it’s not your default (Accounts & Trade → Portfolio). If eligible, you will see a box titled “Get TurboTax® Online Premier free” on the right side towards the bottom of the page with a link to go to the TurboTax site to “purchase” (see the attached image to see what it looks like).

Thanks, but this is what I was using, still nothing for me.

Same here!! $12

You might need Fidelity Premium Services (250k of assets)

excluding retirement accounts I believe :([quote=“l33tsauce, post:17, topic:4382, full:true”]
need Fidelity Premium Services (250k of assets)

I have less than 250k in non-retirement accounts, and received the offer for free Turbotax Premiere.