Fired for negative COVID test

I was recently terminated because my COVID results were negative. Anybody else affected the same

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Smells a little fishy in here.


Probably a ton more to a story like this.

Could happen in case negative test becomes evidence of abuse of sick leave policies. Or if it becomes part of return to work policy of the workplace. People return to work after testing negative without providing a medical certificate from a doctor to HR. Company can take the position that they returned to work without authorization which can be cause for termination. In this case though, negative test itself did not get them fired, just not following company policy for returning to work.


Morbo: “Windmills Negative tests do not work that way!”

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I was recently terminated because I looked too good. When you find a lawyer to take your case on contingency, let me know his name.


Would this still count as “due to covid 19” when applying for unemployment?


Maybe it was a case where they were sarcastically saying the opposite? XD


SImilar to this guy friends and colleagues jokingly addressed him as “doctor”

Serves me right for picking on the [insert mentally crippled emoji here]. :smile: